Psychology 300
Chapter 14: Social Psychology
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1. Although President Obama is of mixed race, White Americans typically perceive and
label him as Black. Researchers believe this happens because White observers ________
the distinctive physical features of the less-familiar Black minority.
A) selectively attend to
B) have negative attitudes regarding
C) form mirror-image perceptions of
D) make situational attributions regarding
2. Women are attracted to healthy-looking men, but especially to those who seem to be
A) submissive.
B) insecure.
C) mature.
D) less attractive than themselves.
3. GRIT attempts to reduce conflict through
A) third-party mediation.
B) intimidation.
C) conciliation.
D) pacifism.
4. Several south Asian countries have experienced a shortfall in ________ births. In
addition, a ________ of the children in Chinese orphanages are girls.
A) female; minority
B) male; minority
C) female; majority
D) male; majority
5. Comparisons of identical and fraternal twins highlight the impact of ________ on
A) proximity
B) deindividuation
C) genetic influences
D) the bystander effect
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6. Two conflicting groups who share the same negative views of one another demonstrate
A) the reciprocity norm.
B) deindividuation.
D) mirror-image perceptions.
7. A person's behavior is most likely to be consistent with his or her attitudes when
A) the attitudes are implicit rather than explicit.
B) external influences on behavior are minimal.
C) the person has not publicly communicated those attitudes.
D) the attitudes are discrepant with most other people's opinions.
8. In one experiment, elementary school boys randomly selected to receive a video-game
system subsequently spent ________ time on school work and experienced ________
academic problems.
A) less; fewer
B) more; more
C) less; more
D) more; fewer
9. German university men administered hotter chili sauce to a woman after listening to
women-hating lyrics. The song lyrics provided the university men with
B) a social script.
C) deindividuation.
D) superordinate goals.
10. Darley and Latané observed that most university students failed to help a person having
an epileptic seizure when they thought there were four other witnesses to the emergency.
The students' failure to help is best explained in terms of
A) the ingroup bias.
B) a failure to interpret the incident as an emergency.
C) indifference and apathy.
D) a diffusion of responsibility.
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11. In contrast to watching violence on television, participating in violent video games
A) acquiring social scripts.
B) role-playing aggression.
C) desensitization to violence.
D) priming aggressive thoughts.
12. A store owner charges Black customers more than Hispanic customers for the very same
merchandise. The owner is most clearly engaging in
A) deindividuation.
B) stereotyping.
C) group polarization.
D) discrimination.
13. Which of the following is true of non-Western cultures, as compared with Western
cultures? They have
A) lower divorce rates and consider passionate love as more important for marriage.
B) higher divorce rates and consider passionate love as less important for marriage.
C) lower divorce rates and consider passionate love as less important for marriage.
D) higher divorce rates and consider passionate love as more important for marriage.
14. Which of the following describes a stereotype?
A) Vladimir is especially attracted to Latin-American women.
B) Peter feels very uncomfortable interacting with Blacks.
C) Robin is convinced that university professors are usually impractical and forgetful.
D) Cyril never hires people younger than 16 to work in his restaurant.
15. Makato, a 21-year-old college junior, is physically unattractive. Compared with
good-looking students, Makato is more likely to
A) be physically coordinated and athletic.
B) have difficulty making a favorable impression on potential employers.
C) earn low grades in his college courses.
D) be well liked by other male college students.
16. Neuroscientists have detected implicit prejudice in an emotion-processing center known
as the
A) thalamus.
B) amygdala.
C) hippocampus.
D) sensory cortex.
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17. Casandra, who is attractive and likable, has just telephoned Mike and asked him for a
date. According to the two-factor theory of emotion, Mike is likely to experience the most
intense romantic feelings for Casandra during their phone conversation if he has just
A) awakened from a short nap.
B) finished eating a delicious meal.
C) completed a series of aerobic exercises.
D) been studying his history lecture notes.
18. If poverty causes high rates of crime, the high crime rates can be used to justify
discrimination against those who live in poverty. This best illustrates
A) the mere exposure effect.
B) the bystander effect.
C) the blame-the-victim dynamic.
D) deindividuation.
19. We tend to feel cheerful around happy people and sad around depressed people. This
A) the mere exposure effect.
B) mood linkage.
C) the reciprocity norm.
D) mirror-image perceptions.
20. People's physical attractiveness is unrelated to their
A) feelings of popularity.
B) level of earned income.
C) frequency of dating.
D) happiness.
21. A wide economic gulf between a country's rich and poor is especially likely to be
associated with
A) the mere exposure effect.
B) social facilitation.
C) high crime rates.
D) superordinate goals.
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22. Students judged an averaged, composite face as
A) less attractive than most individual faces because the averaged face was less
B) more attractive than most individual faces because the averaged face was more
C) less attractive than most individual faces because the averaged face was more
D) more attractive than most individual faces because the averaged face was less
23. Vince, an extraverted university freshman, has just moved into a dormitory. Vince is most
likely to become friends with
A) Alfonse, a junior who is majoring in psychology and lives across the hall.
B) Mohammed, an introverted student who lives on the next floor and enjoys playing
C) James, a lonely sophomore who lives down the hall and is undecided about his
D) Bill, his assigned roommate who is majoring in computer science.
24. Carol is restless during class because her professor's distressed facial expressions lead her
to believe that he dislikes teaching. The professor, on the other hand, is distressed because
he sees Carol's restlessness as an indication that she lacks any motivation to learn. At this
point, both student and professor should be informed of the dangers of
A) group polarization.
B) the mere exposure effect.
C) deindividuation.
D) the fundamental attribution error.
25. Which of the following processes most obviously operates in groupthink?
A) social facilitation
B) cognitive dissonance
C) group polarization
D) self-disclosure
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