Hindustan Computers Limited.
Company Profile & facts
HCL is a leading global Technology and IT Enterprise with annual revenues of US$ 4.9 billion.
The HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India, HCL Technologies and HCL
The 3 decade old enterprise, founded in 1976, is one of India's original IT garage start ups. Its
range of offerings span R&D and Technology Services, Enterprise and Applications Consulting,
Remote Infrastructure Management, BPO services, IT Hardware, Systems Integration and
Distribution of Technology and Telecom products in India. The HCL team comprises 55,000
professionals of diverse nationalities, operating across 18 countries including 360 points of
presence in India.
HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000,including several IT and
Technology majors.
Along with the swiftly growing software technology industry, HCL, which was hitherto known
as the pioneer in modern computing made the advent into software development.
HCL's R&D was spun off as HCL Technologies in 1997 to mark their advent into the software
services arena.
Today, HCL sells more PCs in India than any other brand, runs Northern Ireland's largest BPO
operation, and manages the network for Asia's largest stock exchange network apart from
designing zero visibility landing systems to land the world's most popular airplane. And this it
does across 18 countries and across 360 service locations in India.
Products & Services
Product Engineering & Technology Development
The Engineering and R & D services department runs the largest outsourced engineering center
outside the US which is a testimony to the 30 year product engineering experience. The company
offers a comprehensive range of R&D and Engineering services to component vendors, OEMs,
ODMs and ISVs across multiple industry segments and domains.
HCL Infrastructure Management Division is focused on addressing the growing demand for the
cost-effective management of technology infrastructure across geographically dispersed
locations. IT Infrastructure Management is in the HCL DNA, drawing resources from the 30 year
pioneering heritage in the area of computing, in line with global giants
Business Processing Outsourcing is heading towards a maturity level where a new form of BPO,
called Transformational BPO, is evolving that constitutes Full Process Outsourcing and Multiple
Process Outsourcing . The evolving trend is more focused towards compliance , time-to-market,
focus on core process, and quality improvement rather than cost savings.
Leveraging strong partnerships with platform / product companies, the team of applications
professionals deliver unprecedented value to few of the largest players in the field of Financial
Services, Retail and Healthcare.
IT Hardware
HCL Infosystems portfolio of products covers the entire spectrum of the information technology
needs of its customers. By virtue of the immense diversity of markets and customers that it
address, HCL Infosystems products offerings include everything from high end enterprise level
servers for mission critical applications to multimedia home computers.
Telecom and Imaging Products and Retail
HCL Infinet covers a range of telecom and imaging products including enterprise networking.
HCL tied up with Nokia in 1995 with the sale and services of Nokia mobile phones in India.
Networking and Network Integration
Network Management involves Network Monitoring of Bandwidth Utilization, Network Errors /
Collisions, Network Troubleshooting, Day-to-day Network Operations, Network performance
monitoring, Tuning Network Operating System and advise action plan.
Historic Events / Press Room
India's Most Preferred Personal Computer Brand by CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Award 2007
India's 'No. 1 PC Vendor' consecutively for six years.
HCL among the Top 3 IT companies for the last 3 years, DQ & IDC,Best Employer Survey,
'Best employer 2005' with Five Star Ratings
Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in India & 'Top 500 Fastest Growing
Technology Companies in Asia Pacific' by 'Deloitte & Touche'
Vineet Nayar appointed to the Board of Directors at HCL Technologies
Noida, Aug 1, 2008 : HCL Technologies, India’s leading Global Technology and IT Services
company, announced that Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies, has been appointed to the
Board of HCL Technologies as a Wholetime Director with effect from August 1, 2008.
Shiv Nadar, Founder - HCL and Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, HCL Technologies said “Vineet’s appointment to the Board reflects HCL’s commitment to nurturing talent, positioning
it in key areas of leadership and building lasting institutions of excellence. Vineet joined HCL his first and only job, as Senior Management Trainee in 1985. He created HCL Comnet, and
positioned HCL as a pioneer and industry leader globally in the Remote Infrastructure
Management space. He has led HCL’s transformation strategy, now a Harvard Business School
case study. Vineet will now continue to bring his leadership skills to bear on HCL’s future but in
a larger context - in developing its vision, governance and strategy beyond the confines of HCL’s
business. “
Vineet Nayar, now CEO and Wholetime Director, HCL Technologies, said, “I am honoured by
the Board’s decision, and look forward to being part of the future growth of HCL in all its larger
dimensions as a global and responsible corporate citizen. In my 23 year association with HCL,
this is another opportunity for me to share and shape the larger transformation journey with Shiv
Nadar, the board, and my team members across the HCL Enterprise.”
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