The Giver: Study Questions
Chapter 1-2
What do you think is a Receiver of Memory?
Jonas was filled with two emotions during this part. What were these emotions and why
did he feel this way?
Jonas saw that the pilot in training has made an error. What error did he make?
The pilot’s punishment was that “he will be released”. What do you think that “being
released” means?
Who are the “11’s”? Why do you think they are called the elevens?
Why didn’t Jonas and his sister understand the word animal? Why wouldn’t they
understand what an animal was? Explain.
Jonas’ father is a nurturer. Describe his job.
What do you think about the “one boy, one girl” to each family rule? What do they do
with the “extra” children?
How do families get children in this society? Explain the process.
Who is the receiver and why is he important?
What assignments does Jonas not want? Who decided what the assignments will be?
What is a comfort object? When will it be taken away from Jonas’ sister, Lily?
Chapter 3-4
Why does everyone have the same eyes, same hair, and wear basically the same clothes?
Is this an advantage or disadvantage?
Why do you think mirrors are rare in the community?
Why does the community have Birthmothers?
Why does Jonas’ mother say that the Birthmother position has “little honor”?
Why would bragging be considered a rule in Jonas’ community?
Chapter 5
What are stirrings?
What are the pills for?
Why do the students have to take the pills until they are old?
The Giver: Study Questions
Chapter 6
List two things that happen at the ceremonies listed below.
1. Ceremony of One
2. Ceremony of Eights:
3. Ceremony of Nines:
4. Ceremony of Tens:
5. Ceremony of Elevens:
6. Ceremony of Twelves:
What happened to the first child named Caleb?
How many people in the community have the same name?
Chapter 7-8
What number was Jonas?
How did Asher mix up the words smack and snack? What was his punishment for doing
What assignment was Asher given?
What assignment was Fiona given?
What happened during the ceremony of twelve to Jonas? Why was he so scared?
What assignment was Jonas given?
What characteristics did the Head Elder say that he had which were necessary for his new
job? List all five.
At the end of the ceremony, what did the community do when Jonas was standing on stage
by himself?
Chapter 9-10
How did Jonas feel after the ceremony around his friends and family?
What happened to the last child that was selected to be The Receiver?
The Giver: Study Questions
What are the eight rules that Jonas must follow as The Receiver?
Why were the doors of The Receiver’s room locked?
What are the three books that each house has in the community?
What is the first memory that The Giver transmits to Jonas?
Chapter 11-12
Why did the community not have snow or hills?
Why is honor not the same as power?
What is the second memory that The Giver transmits to Jonas?
What is the third memory that The Giver transmits to Jonas?
There are disobedience wands for the old. Why would a society want to discipline the old?
What happened to the apple and Fiona’s hair? Why is Jonas so alarmed by it? Name two
other things that did this also.
Is the community all one race or different races? Explain.
Chapter 13
Why does Jonas want to see colors?
Jonas says, “If everything is the same, then there aren’t any choices.” Why is this
important? Explain what he means.
Why does Jonas say that making choices for oneself is not safe?
What scene does Jonas describe? What does he learn about the color red from this scene?
Do you think that Jonas is convinced that being The Receiver is the “highest honor”?
Explain how he is now feeling about his new job?
The Giver: Study Questions
Chapter 14
What is the first major “pain” that The Giver gives to Jonas?
What is relief of pain?
Why would a community have a “relief of pain”?
How is Jonas feeling about everything being the same?
Twins are rare in the community. Only one is chosen to live. Why?
What happened when Jonas watched Gabriel in the night? What did Jonas decide to do?
Chapter 15
What scene does Jonas see here?
What historical event is he given a memory of?
Why is it painful for The Giver?
Chapter 16
Why had Jonas never seen animals?
What was The Giver’s favorite memory?
Describe the word love.
What does Jonas wish The Giver could be?
In this community, they have no love. What are positive and negatives that come with
Jonas’ parents do not “love” him. Why is the word “love” not the same as “enjoy” or
Jonas decided to not take his pill anymore each day? Why? What will happen to him now?
What kind of dreams is Jonas having?
Chapter 17
What games are the children playing that deeply upset him?
What are your feelings on picking someone to stay or leave the community? Could you
choose? How would you choose?
Chapter 18
What happened to Rosemary, the last Giver?
What did Jonas suggest at the end of this section? Why is it important?
The Giver: Study Questions
Chapter 19
What did Jonas ask to see?
What is a release? Do we have releases in our society?
Is the ceremony for release what you thought it was?
Chapter 20
Why is Jonas upset?
What are The Giver and Jonas planning?
Why does The Giver choose to stay? What is he going to do?
Chapter 21
What three rules did Jonas break?
Who went with Jonas on the trip?
What was following Jonas throughout the trip?
Chapter 22
Make a choice. Explain your answer and give examples of why you would want to live
that way.
1. Is it better to live a life without choices, but to be completely satisfied and have
everything that you need?
2. Is it better to live a hard life, and have all of your own choices?
Chapter 23
What do you think happens at the end of the book?
The Giver: Study Questions
Draw the society…

Chapter 1