Computer Studies
Course Syllabus
1st & 8th Hours Room 1326
(715)-258-4131 x1326
3 -7
Hours Room 1137
(715)-258-4131 x1137
[email protected]
Mr. Tim Hiddemen
Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to help students move beyond mere computer literacy and become both adept and
comfortable working with a wide variety of computer hardware and software. The primary focus of the course will be to
provide students with an in depth understanding of common productivity software, specifically, Microsoft Office Professional.
Students will also become familiar with the Windows operating system, and working with computer networks. Other topics
will include proficient internet use, computer graphics, shopping for computers, etc.
Course Objectives:
Students will become proficient with the Windows operating system
Students will demonstrate proficiency creating documents with Microsoft Word
Students will demonstrate proficiency creating spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel
Students will demonstrate proficiency creating presentations with Microsoft Powerpoint
Students will be exposed to the basics of the Microsoft Access Database
Students will become comfortable working on computers in a network environment
Students will learn to apply effective Internet searching strategies
Students will learn the basics of working with computer graphics in Adobe Photoshop
Students will gain hands on experience with various peripherals, including
Digital Cameras, Scanners, Printers, Mass Storage Devices, etc.
Assignments and Grading
Grading Scale:
A =93+
A- =90-92
B+ =87-89
B =83-86
B- =80-82
C+ =77-79
C =73-76
C- =70-72
D+ =67-69
D =63-66
D- =60-62
F =59 or less
All assignments will receive a grade between 0 and 100%. Daily, or in class
assignments, will be weighted once. Quizzes will be weighted twice, while Unit Tests
will be weighted four times as much as daily work. There will also be several group and
individual projects that will be weighted more than daily assignments.
Late assignments will receive a 10% penalty per day late. After 10 school days the
assignment will be recorded as a zero. Students are responsible for making up
assignments for days which they are absent. Students with excused absences will
receive time equal to their absence to complete assignments.
Missed tests or quizzes will be made up the day after an absence unless prior
arrangements are made with me, ie if you miss the day of the test, be prepared to take it
the next day!
Classroom Rules and Expectations
General Rules:
No food or drink in class
No cellphones, ipods or
other electronics
No sleeping (heads down)
No Passes 1st or last 5 mins
Raise Hands before talking
Students will be expected to be in class on time (before the bell) and
in their seats and ready to participate. Students should be actively
involved in the classroom activity (taking notes, cooperating in group
work, paying attention, etc). Failure to be actively and appropriately
involved can result in a poor participation grade
Violations of rules and expectations will be dealt with as follows:
First Violation: Verbal Warning; Second Violation: Detention; Third
and subsequent Violations: Referral to Dean of Students

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