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1960s – The Birth of a Giant
The journey of Americana Group began in 1964. Almost halfway through the 1960s, the seed was sown for a giant that would
eventually change the landscape of the food industry throughout
the Middle East. The first five years of the Group’s life yielded an
important milestone. With the 1969 introduction of Wimpy, the
first hamburger restaurant in the Middle East, Americana Group
began carving a niche for itself as an innovative company by
introducing Middle Eastern consumers to new dining experiences.
Ever since, Americana Group has continued to broaden the range of
options available to consumers in the region, adding new choices to
their plates – and their palates!
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1970s – A Fresh Vision
With its reputation as a provider of wholly new dining experiences
continuing to grow, Americana Group ushered in the 1970s with a new
mindset and a far-reaching vision. As a home-grown brand, Americana
Group had a profound understanding of the region’s culture, and deep insight
into the hearts and minds of consumers. The introduction of brands such as
KFC and Pizza Hut into the market encouraged even more Middle Eastern
customers to explore and embrace the concept of dining out.
Consumers who still preferred to dine at home were not, however, left out.
As the tempo of day-to-day living picked up pace throughout the Middle
East, Americana Group recognized the growing need for food products
that were ready-to-serve or required minimal preparation. Responding to
this need, Americana spent a good part of the 1970s building a portfolio
of exciting brands that soon became consumer favourites throughout the
Middle East. Americana Meat, for example, was the first trademarked name
to provide frozen meat and hamburgers to regional supermarkets. Americana
Cake, with its packaged baked goods, also proved overwhelmingly popular. In
addition to food offerings, Americana introduced Gulfa, the region’s first-ever
brand of bottled water. Gulfa’s success in its home market, the United Arab
Emirates, was the spark which created a massive industry that quickly spread
throughout the Gulf region.
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1980s – A Decade of Expansion
While the popularity of its quick service restaurants
continued to grow, Americana Group continued to
bring Middle Eastern palates even more choice in the
1980s. The decade saw the Group adding two more
brands to its portfolio of global franchise partnerships:
Hardee’s and Baskin-Robbins. The move further
consolidated Americana’s status as a market leader that
consistently expanded the range of options available
to the consumer. While countless consumers savoured
Hardee’s range of American-style quality burgers,
Baskin-Robbins dazzled countless more with its
colourful range of 31 flavours of ice cream.
In parallel, the 1980s brought even more success to
Americana Group’s food manufacturing and processing
divisions. New products were added to the Group’s
repertoire, enabling families across the region to enjoy
quick and tasty meals in the comfort of their own
homes. As consumer demand grew for convenient,
high quality food products with great taste, Americana
Group continued to deliver.
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1990s – A Food Revolution
As they were throughout the world, the 1990s were a
decade of massive transformation in the Middle East. With
globalization and the information revolution gathering
pace, consumers were more than ever on the lookout for
new dining experiences. The increasingly fast-moving
lifestyles of the 1990s also produced a greater need among
consumers for time-saving dining solutions. Once again,
Americana Group demonstrated its ability to evolve with
the evolving needs of its customers.
On the home dining front, the Group successfully
ventured into new market segments, with a range of
products offering convenience and value, without
compromising on taste. The decade saw the launch of
Americana Group’s Koki brand, which pioneered the
concept of freezer-to-fryer chicken. Another milestone was
the launch of the California Garden brand, whose readyto-serve canned goods proved tremendously successful
with Middle Eastern customers. Outside of the home,
Americana Group’s reputation for innovation also grew
throughout the decade. Already established as the market
leader in quick service restaurants, the Group pioneered the
casual dining landscape when it became the Middle Eastern
franchisee of TGI Friday’s.
Now >>
2000s – The New Millennium & Beyond
By the onset of the new millennium in 2000,
Americana Group had amassed almost 40 years
of experience in responding to consumer needs,
placing it firmly at the very top of the region’s
list of best-known brands. Using its wealth of
experience, Americana Group continued to venture
into previously untapped areas of the food and
restaurant industry; proudly forging more business
relationships worldwide and providing new dining
concepts for customers all over the region.
With its pioneering approach, the Group has
seen unprecedented growth throughout the decade.
Recent brand launches have included Costa Coffee,
Krispy Kreme, Fusion, Fish Market, and Signor
Sassi. Americana Group’s geographical reach has also
been expanded, with the addition of new markets
in Central Asia such as Kazakhstan. The Group
expanded its horizons in the food manufacturing
area, too. As the 2000s came to a close, Americana
Group had began exporting its food brands beyond
the Middle East, venturing into such international
markets as Europe and the United States.
Fueling this
is a company in
Hour after hour, day after day...
We’re growing bigger and stronger.
by the time you’re reading this brochure some of the following numbers will be outdated!
Americana Group’s restaurants served more than
meals in 2009
Americana Group’s extensive restaurant portfolio encompasses a wide variety of venues to suit
the tastes and budgets of every consumer. Each year, our network of restaurants draws millions
of patrons across the Middle East, to enjoy high quality food with a high standard of service.
More than
innovative products per year
With one advancement after another, Americana Group continues to expand the already wide
variety of cuisines and products it offers to its customers in the Middle East.
awards and special recognitions
Through almost half-a-century of operation, Americana Group has received over 100 prestigious
awards from prominent entities throughout the world. Amongst its many accolades, hundreds
of Americana Group-operated outlets and venues have received the exclusive ‘Million Dollar
Restaurant’ award, which recognizes venues that achieve sales of US $1 million or more. The Group
has also been honoured with the much-respected ‘Best Franchisee of the Year’ award. Closer to
home, Americana Group was ranked 12th in the Top 40 Arab Brands list compiled by Forbes
Arabia magazine. Americana Group perceives such recognitions as a result of its commitment to
excellence, which governs every aspect of its operations. From the sourcing of ingredients to home
delivery, Americana Group has a no-compromise attitude to quality.
Certifications for Quality
Americana Group’s procedures and management systems have earned extensive recognition
throughout the industry, with many certifications awarded including the ISO 9001, ISO 9000/2000,
HAACP and ISO 14001. That said, Americana Group’s self-imposed quality standards are
considerably higher than those required by certification agencies and guidelines. In fact, the
Group’s high standards are recognized as benchmarks for value and quality in the Middle East
food industry.
Restaurants and Counting!
Pizza Hut in Almaty, Kazakhstan was Americana Group’s 1212th outlet. Opening, on average, two
new venues every week, Americana Group now has outlets in 74 cities spread over 14 countries – a
geographic area stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea. With over 1,200 restaurants
and venues in its portfolio, the Group remains determined to meet the needs of consumers with
convenient locations throughout the region.
Pizza Hut - Alamaty, Kazakhstan
More than
trucks transport Americana’s products
Americana Group’s operations throughout the Middle East region now entail the transportation
of thousands of tonnes and millions of product packages every day. For this purpose, Americana
Group has put together a fleet of some 2,000 trucks, which feed an ultra-efficient supply chain
that spans more than 50 countries.
Sales of over
$2.4 billion
in 2010
Over the past five years, Americana Group’s operations saw double-digit growth year-on-year, with
sales figures reaching USD 2.4 Billion in 2010. As the first decade of the millennium comes to a close,
Americana Group has been successful in maintaining its region-wide success and its market-leader
status. This was achieved through excellent standards and customer satisfaction, which remain
among Americana Group’s top priorities for the future.
17+ 2.4B
USD 2.4 Billion
IN revenues - 2010
USD 163 Million
Net Profit - 2010
Regional Presence in
45,000 Employees
= No.1
Food industry player in the Middle East
= No.1
Food industry player in the Middle East
KFC: The #1 Fast Food chain in the Middle East
Consumers with busy lifestyles, who need quality meals that are conveniently and quickly available,
have made KFC the number-one quick service chain in the Middle East. Since Americana Group
first introduced the region to the global brand in 1973, the Group has opened more than 470 outlets
across the Middle East, all offering KFC’s famed ‘Original Recipe’ chicken, along with sandwiches,
wraps, salads, side orders and more. Further endearing the brand to Middle Eastern customers is
Americana’s pioneering and efficient home delivery service – a must in 24-hour cities like Cairo and
Dubai. The added convenience offered to customers by this service has undoubtedly contributed to
KFC’s status as Americana Group’s most popular brand in the quick service domain.
Pizza Hut is the leading pizza brand in the Middle East, boasting more than 140 restaurants
throughout the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, in addition to Kazakhstan. Loved for
its salad bars, stuffed-crust pizzas and value meals for families, Pizza Hut’s success in the Middle
East has been staggering, and has out-performed the competition by a very wide margin. With
speedy service suiting the needs of Middle Eastern customers, in addition to reliable, tasty food,
this success story is set to continue for years to come.
When it franchised the TGI Friday’s brand as its first foray into the casual dining arena, Americana
Group knew the brand would become an instant hit with Middle Eastern customers. While the brand’s
global status, superb menu offerings and generous portions were more than adequate to draw in
patrons by their thousands, the unconventionally vivacious attitude of TGI service staff proved just as
much of a draw. Through its partnership with TGI Friday’s, Americana Group ported its success with
quick service restaurants to the realm of casual, experiential dining. Whether for business people
at lunchtime or family outings and private parties at weekends, TGI Friday’s offered guests in the
Middle East a special experience with every visit. Americana Group’s network now encompasses
36 venues for TGI Friday’s, in major regional cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beirut, Jeddah, Cairo,
Sharm El Sheikh, Doha, Amman and Kuwait.
Grilled burgers, hot dogs, curly fries, hand-scooped shakes and other customer favourites have made
Hardee’s an enduring name on the Middle East’s quick service landscape since Americana Group
introduced the brand in the 1980s. With familiar favourites available all the time, and new additions to
the menu on a regular basis, Hardee’s customers in the Middle East are continually tempted with an
ever-expanding range of choices. Coupled with fast, friendly service, a trip to Hardee’s, or a home
delivery order, is hard to resist. Hardee’s now has over 200 restaurants in the region, spread across
Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Jordan.
With Americana Group, the brand has established a presence in the Middle East that is considered
its most successful outside of the United States.
Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins has been a favourite way of cooling off in the Middle East since its ice cream was
first served in Kuwait nearly 25 years ago. Boasting 31 flavours, numerous toppings and signature
ice cream cakes, this chain now has more than 60 outlets in Kuwait, Egypt and Lebanon. Whether
for indulging in luscious sundaes at Baskin Robbins’ cozy outlets, or for grabbing ice cream cones
to relish as they stroll around a mall, or even for enjoying guilt-free scoops of low-fat sorbets, families
across the Middle East continue to make Baskin Robbins one of their most popular destinations, all
year round.
Costa Coffee
Coffee drinkers in the Middle East are some of the most dedicated caffeine enthusiasts in the world,
and the launch of Costa Coffee in the region has fuelled this dedication. What started as a small
café in London has become an international phenomenon, welcoming customers with cosy sofas,
an extensive food menu and, most importantly, sublime coffee. Costa Coffee now has widespread
presence in the region, with more than 55 branches across Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan,
offering a taste of Italy from breakfast muffins to late night espressos.
Krispy Kreme
Whether through its signature glazed doughnuts or its ‘Limited Edition’ flavours introduced from time
to time, Krispy Kreme has been delighting customers with a sweet tooth around the Middle East
since 2006. Americana Group launched its first outlet of the franchise in Kuwait, before expanding
the Krispy Kreme network into Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Lebanon.
With over 140 outlets and stores, available everywhere from high streets to designer malls, Krispy
Kreme delicious doughnuts, made fresh all day long, continue to attract patrons in their thousands
throughout the region.
Taco Bell
Famous worldwide and long-awaited by fans in the Middle East, Taco Bell commenced its regional
presence when Americana Group opened its first outlet at Dubai Mall in 2009. The Mexican food
specialised brand serves up tacos, burritos, nachos, wraps, quesadillas and salads, plus a host of
tasty extras and kids’ options. Offering wholesome food, speedy service, and value for money, Taco
Bell is set to grow in popularity among customers in the Middle East as more outlets open in the
region, especially as Americana Group is designing Taco Bell venues in a way that makes them both
family- and group-friendly.
Signor Sassi
Signor Sassi is a well-established authentic Italian cuisine restaurant in Knightsbridge, London. Its
presence in the Middle East began in 2009 in Kuwait, bringing its famed high service standards and
vibrant atmosphere to the region for the first time. Particularly favoured by patrons for private parties,
Signor Sassi’s charming ambience and unique character have also endeared it to both families and
business patrons, who are delighted at the brand’s hearty menu, full of exciting dishes and desserts.
Fish Market
For nearly 20 years, seafood lovers in Egypt have been savouring the flavours of freshly caught fare
at Americana Group’s Fish Market restaurants. This unique brand allows customers to select their
favourite fish or seafood, then choose their preferred cooking method (grilled, steamed or fried) and
accompanying vegetables for a personalised meal to remember. Fish Market continues to expand
in order to meet the demands of even more seafood lovers, and now boasts seven restaurants in
Egypt, including venues on the Mediterranean seafront and the River Nile. Meanwhile, in Kuwait,
where a Fish Market restaurant occupies a breath-taking sea front location within Kuwait Towers,
patrons are enthralled with the high quality dishes as much as they are with the high vantage view of
the clear blue waters of the Gulf.
Americana Group attained another winner in 2006 when it launched its home-grown Fusion brand,
an exciting restaurant concept that first opened in Cairo, followed by two more venues in Egypt and
one in Kuwait. At Fusion, skilled chefs are masters of both cuisine and entertainment; enthralling
customers with live shows at the teppanyaki grill tables before serving up impressive dishes. Lovers
of Japanese food, including sushi and sashimi, adore Fusion for its modern take on traditional Far
Eastern fare and for its wholesome dining experience, from the stylish décor to the unrivalled scenery,
whether on the River Nile or the Kuwait City beachfront.
Red Lobster
Red Lobster, the seafood restaurant that have been America’s best for 40 years has opened in
Dubai.Red Lobster is famous for its delicious and daily fresh seafood menu that is suited to every
taste. Whether you like lobsters, shrimps, fresh fish, your best choice would be Red Lobster. The
secret behind its delicious taste is in its unique wood-fire grill technique that gives the dishes the perfect flavor in a great atmosphere and affordable price. In the next five years, Americana’s quest to
bring America’s best seafood restaurant to the region includes 25 Red Lobster restaurants covering
seven countries, namely Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Lebanon.
Chicken Tikka
With over 35 restaurants in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman,
Chicken Tikka is one of Americana Group’s biggest success stories. This home-grown brand was
launched in Cairo in 1972, introducing patrons to a unique casual dining concept and a wholly new
way of enjoying grilled chicken and meat. Chicken Tikka’s success was also built on the brand’s use
of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Its reputation quickly grew, with customers drawn to its varied
salad bars, aromatic Eastern spices and exclusive blends of flavours. Committed to providing the
highest standards of quality and freshness whether patrons dine in, order a take-away or enjoy home
delivery, Chicken Tikka is a brand set to grow.
Americana has reshaped the shopping list
of every home in the Middle East.
Americana Meat
In 1972 Americana Meat introduced the first frozen hamburgers
in the Middle East.
More than 35 years and millions of burgers after its launch in the early
1970s, Americana Meat continues to grow and is now the undisputed
leader in the sizeable markets of the Gulf region. Since Americana
Group launched it as its first food processing brand, Americana Meat
has expanded its product range at a fast pace. Today, its product
offerings include frozen meat, frozen chicken, frozen seafood and
cold cuts – with a wide variety of value added products that ensures
continued customer satisfaction. With five state-of-the-art factories in
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran, Americana Meat has been able
to meet the considerable demand from the region.
The leading brand of frozen chicken products
in Egypt.
From golden nuggets to whole chicken and everything in between, Koki’s
high quality frozen or fresh produce is ever present on the shopping lists
of families throughout Egypt. Ensuring that its products are of the highest
quality at all times, Koki is part of the Cairo Poultry Company (CPC), an
umbrella group of nine companies that together have reshaped the Egyptian
poultry industry. Between them, CPC’s companies cover the entire process
of poultry production, starting at the very beginning, i.e. the cultivation of
yellow corn which is used as feed in poultry farms. After the huge success of
Koki in the Egyptian market, Koki is a brand set for exceptional growth.
California Garden
California Garden is the #1 canned beans brand in the
Middle East.
California Garden is another of Americana Group’s pioneering
brands. Upon its launch, California Garden was the region’s first
brand to offer canned beans. In addition to the convenience factor,
California Garden catered to the needs of regional consumers by
offering beans prepared in various recipes, each popular in some
part of the Middle East. Following its success with canned beans,
California Garden went on to expand its product repertoire which
today also encompasses canned meat, fish and vegetables, as
well as salad dressings and sauces of many varieties. Americana
Group’s success with California Garden extends far beyond
exporting to more than 40 countries. In addition to products sold
under its own name, the brand now manufactures products for 19
different international labels including Heinz and Libby’s. As with
every brand under Americana Group’s banner, California Garden
has become synonymous with the highest standards of quality. The
company continues to expand rapidly with high profits, regularly
reporting double-digit growth figures.
Americana Cake
Freshly baked cakes and sweet treats, conveniently
available off supermarket shelves.
Recognizing the demand for fresh cakes in a region whose people
are known for their proverbial sweet tooth, Americana Group
launched the Americana Cake brand in the late 1970s. Famous
for its delicious Swiss rolls, juicy cakes and crunchy biscuits, the
brand’s immediate appeal to customers in the Middle East also
owes much to the convenience factor. Americana Cakes are readily
available in supermarkets, and yet are as fresh as their counterparts
sold in bakeries and pastry shops. To ensure that its products are
consistently fresh when they reach consumers, Americana Cake
has established an efficient distribution network that serves a
very large geographic area. As a further seal of approval from the
industry, global confectionery companies – such as Mars – have
chosen Americana Cake factories to manufacture their cakes
intended for local distribution.
Farm Frites
The leading brand for frozen potatoes, and a strong contender
for leadership in other frozen food segements.
In a successful partnership with Farm Frites International (Netherlands),
Americana Group has set another precedent for flourishing ventures with
global companies. The perfect accompaniment to other brands in the
Americana Group family, Farm Frites offers the ultimate in convenience with
its freezer-to-fryer cooking method. To guarantee top quality and taste, the
brand operates its own farms spanning thousands of acres, which provide
its factories with a steady supply of fresh vegetables and produce. Farm
Frites factory, the first of its kind in the Middle East, is constantly updated
with state-of-the-art technology, making it a benchmark for the industry.
Green Land
The world’s #1 producer of white cheese in Tetrapaks
Since Americana Group’s acquisition of the brand in 2003, Greenland has
progressed from being a market leader in dairy products to a key player
in various other segments, including fruit juices. Under the Americana
Group banner, Greenland has become Egypt’s number one brand for
white cheese in tetrapaks, and has become known to consumers as a
name that is constantly striving for innovation and quality.
Americana Group’s pioneering spirit launched Gulfa in
1977 as the Gulf region’s first brand of bottled water.
Before Americana Group introduced consumers to Gulfa mineral water
back in 1977, the notion of bottled water was not widely known in the
Middle East region. Today, however, it has become an integral part of
day-to-day living for consumers throughout the region; and Americana
is proud to have instigated an important industry with yet another
high quality product. Gulfa’s pure mineral water comes from precious
underwater springs, hidden deep in the mountains of the United Arab
Emirates. It then undergoes three vigorous processes to maintain its
natural purity and goodness, resulting in one of the finest water brands
available – not just in the Middle East, but by global standards, too.
Lion Chips
Lion Chips, the fastest growing potato chips brand in Egypt.
Famed for crisps that offer freshness and crunchiness, the
Lion Chips brand established itself as a consumer favourite
in Egypt shortly after it was launched by Americana Group.
With remarkable sales figures achieved in a very short time
frame, the brand has performed exceedingly well since its
launch, quickly acquiring market share despite the presence
of numerous other players in the market. Lion Chips set
themselves apart from the competition with delicious sealedin flavours, great value and strong identity.
life tastes better
life tastes better
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