Curriculum vitae
Name: Juan Carlos Carbonell
Date of Birth: April 8, 1944
Birthplace: Hughes (Pcia de Santa Fe)
Nationality: Argentina
ID: 6135096
Marital Status: Married
[email protected]
Primary school: 6th grade
School Attorney No. 504
Hughes. (Province of Santa Fe)
Secondary Title: Mechanic Technician
Industrial 40
Rosario. (Province of Santa Fe)
1 - Conducting staff
Training Center Supervisors
13 to 17 August 1977.
2 - Treatment of effluents
Centro Argentino de Production Executives
May 7, 1978
3 - Mobile Cranes and lifting items
17 to 21 August 1980.
4 - Industrial water treatment
Drew Chemical S.A.
October 8, 1984.
5 - Steam generation
Steam generation
Argentine Institute of Industrial Automation
1 to April 5, 1984.
6 - Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems and Pneumatic
Argentine Institute of Industrial Automation
15 to July 20, 1984.
7 - Manufacturing and roller coating technology
BTR Paper Group
1-2 July 1985.
8 - Training courses in industrial safety years 1972 / 74 Argentina Cement
Years 1982 / 84 / 85 Alto Parana SA
1995 Defensive Driving Techniques Petrolera San Jorge
1996 Electrical safety Petrolera San Jorge
1998 Safety Course STOP Petrolera Perez Companc
9 - Training course on communication and leadership. 1999. CN SAPAG
10 - Training Course on Motivation, delegation, teamwork. 1999. CN SAPAG
11 - Training in maintenance of Caterpillar engines. 1999. MACROSA S.A.
12 - Maintenance of modern machines SEMTEC. November 18, 1996
13 - Course Worcester valves of S. Argentina A.
June 18, 1996
14 - Course SKF Industrial Maintenance
April 19, 1995
15 - the Embassy of Algeria and Argentina to the participation and technical
support in the assembly and operation of the Nuclear Reactor NUR years
16 - Awarded for Petrolera San Jorge by the input mechanical seals where
technology allowed lower maintenance costs at the site The Trapial
17 - Look at our leadership. May 16 2005 UPSA Private University of Santa
Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia.
18 - Origin and petroleum exploration. May 30 2005 UPSA Universidad
Privada de Santa Cruz Bolivia.
19 - Certification of lifting equipment and road machinery. Qualification of
operators for oil industry. September 19, 2005 UPSA Universidad Privada
de Santa Cruz de Sierra Bolivia.
20 - First aid and CPR r. c. p.
October 6, 2005 Servimed Schayman Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
21 - Workers in high yield. Leadership and Motivation
5 - May 6, 2006 M. Eng INFOCORP M. Balcazar Santa Cruz de la Sierra,
22 - Management of safety, health and environment
15-16 - May 17 2006 Petrolera Chaco SA
UPSA Private University Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
23 - Operation and design of compressors
6 - June 7, 2006 Hoerbiger Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
24 - Skanska Peru in the Cross Training Program 2007 First edition from 15
to 19 October 2007 in Lima, Peru.
25 - Mobil Industrial Lubricants productivity seminar held on 14 to November
16, 2007 in Ciudad de Campana, Argentina.
26 - Peru's Skanska training program Great Boss as Change Advisors.
23.24 and 25 June 2008. Lima Peru.
1 - Training courses for Foguistas and boards
Company: Argentina Cement Company
Years: 1973-74.
2 - Training courses for supervisors
Maintenance Mechanic
Company: Alto Paraná S. A.
Year: 1986.
3 - Training course for supervisors and mechanics
Ammonia and Freon cooling
Company: INVAP S.E
Years: 1989-90.
4 - Training courses for mechanics
Cryogenic Equipment Liquid nitrogen generators
Company: INVAP S.E Years: 1989-90.
Service Leader
From April 2007 to present
Service and maintenance of gas compression
Petrobras Energía Peru
Lot X El Alto - Talara – Peru
Service Leader
From June 2003 until March 2007
Gas compression and rotating equipment maintenance deposits Repsol
North Zone and Boomerang Block Mamoré
HP Total-operated 70,000.
SIMA Engineering Neuquén SA
Petroleum Services
Chief Threshold Yacimiento Ramos Mexia area Neuquén
Since 01 April 2001 until May 2003
Operation maintenance and monitoring of new drilling equipment contract with
the Geologist of the company.
Preliminary work on the drilling teams did their own construction of the locations
and placement of guides and their shirts cementation.
After drilling all the monitoring and installation of pumps with the assistance of
PCP provider Weatherford.
The subsequent normal site was made with equipment and staff.
The treatment plant design and assembly of our own company and was under
my supervision.
SIMA Engineering Neuquén SA
Petroleum Services
Technical Representative
Maintenance service in Chevron San Jorge SA Yacimiento The Trapial
From January 01 to May 30, 2001
SADE Engineering & Construction
Head of Maintenance (contract) Patagonian Marine Terminals SA TERMAP
launching services operation and maintenance of terminals in the shipment of
oil tankers by monoboya system at sea, Caleta Córdova Chubut, Santa Cruz
and Caleta Olivia.
Preparation of plans predictive and preventive maintenance of the two
From July 27 2000 to August 27, 2000.
Coordinator works delegation NQN Rincon de los Sauces from August 28 until
December 28 2000 end of the contract.
Weatherford GLOBAL
Head of plant compression Yacimientos REPSOL YPF area Rincón de los
Sauces. .
Lomitas, Desfiladero Bayo, Puesto Molina, Barda Paso, El Volcán, Cerro Bayo
and the hammock.
Since February 1st 2000 until May 30 2000
Operation and maintenance of alternative engine compressors high pressure
gas and electric screw compressors low pressure.
Gas treatment plants dehydrated. (TEG.)
Inspector assemblies (contractor).
Since April 1 1999 to January 30, 2000.
Inspection of motor mounts, dehydrator plant and gas purification plant fuel
(Grace Membranes).
Montajes general lines, gas and oil pipelines.
SIMA Engineering S.A. Neuquén
Petroleum Services
Head of Maintenance
Since: December 1993 to March 1999
Responsible for maintenance services in deposits (San Jorge SA and Trapial
confluence), Perez Companc SA (Entre Lomas), San Jorge S.A (Black River
Maintenance workshops of the firm, light vehicles, roads and cranes.
Experience in motor, engine powered by gas explosion.
Plant Glicolera moisture separator gas. (TEG.)
Treatment plant fuel gas membrane grace.
Water treatment plant by reverse osmosis.
Sara Marie Foundation Furman (Teleferico Cerro Otto) San Carlos de
Bariloche, Rio Black. Middle elevation
Chief Technician
Since: May 1992 to June 30, 1993
Responsible for the operation, maintenance, mechanical, electrical and
electronic equipment.
Here we work with several teams of different powers electric motors, speed
reducers of various sizes and types.
Control system of wind speed (anemometers) with computerized records
Individual security cabins through an FM transmission system.
Safety measures underway for an emergency system with engine explosion.
Other systems very own half lifting of continuous operation.
Química Integral S.A. Neuquén (Quinsa)
Multipurpose plant chemistry
Director assembly
From: October 1991-January 1992
Responsible for the mechanical, electrical and instruments.
Payre assembly contractor with a total of 90 operators.
Working with various elements of a plant of this type.
Pipes and containers-316 stainless steel, titanium, steel glass, steel Teflon,
FRP, PVC, carbon steel.
The various rotating equipment with special seals and materials like pipes and
Paintings Epoxi structures and equipment with special treatments at the request
of the production areas.
Maintenance and services division head
From: February 1992 to April 1992
Responsible for the organization and implementation of service areas: steam
generation, compressed air, demineralised water, cooling water system with
closed circuit cooling tower induced draft, instrument air dryers, nitrogen gas
generator by molecular sieve system, fire protection system, systems of primary
and secondary thermal fluids, water by aqueduct 10 KM., power transformer,
distribution and M.CC., emergency power generation with diesel engine control
Arre maintenance: machine shop and boiler
Electrical Workshop and tools (pneumatic and electronic)
Maintenance of production and service areas.
INVAP S.E. San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Black.
Applied Research
Uranium enrichment plant
Since: July 1987 to September 1991
Responsible for the operation and maintenance of service areas, Usina diesel
generation and distribution transformer of 123 KV power from hydroelectric
Industrial refrigeration equipment with freon and ammonia at temperatures from
- 40 to - 70 ° c
System for process cooling water in closed circuit cooling tower induced draft.
Generation system for liquid nitrogen cryogenic distillation separation, saturated
steam boilers for process water treatment plant effluents and river.
Workshop on maintenance of vehicles and road machinery.
Of special machines and laundry contaminated.
Attention of the pipeline and internal distribution of the plants that compose the
factory compound.
In 1988 and 1989 I was sent to oversee the work of assembling a nuclear
reactor research sold to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Algeria.
As the company sold services to other, I had the responsibility of the
maintenance plan for the Complex Teleferico Cerro Otto (Medium Lift) and its
regular monitoring of implementation.
Alto Parana SA (APSA) Puerto Esperanza, Misiones.
Cellulose pulp
2nd Chief of Thermoelectric Power Plant
From: April 1980 to October 1983
During the play worked as an inspector of the assembly of high pressure boilers
Gotaverken, BBC turbine of 40 MW. Hs
After the play I took my position and started operations with the launch of the
plant and its auxiliaries.
Division Chief (Maintenance of mechanical plant)
Since: November 1983 to October 1984
By provision of the management was transferred to the maintenance area of the
Central Termoelectrica.
Responsible for mechanical maintenance plans predicative, preventive and
Coordination and maintenance of electric instruments.
Planning of import and domestic parts.
Division Chief (Maintenance mechanic production areas)
Since: November 1984 to June 1987
By provision of the management was transferred to the maintenance area of the
production areas and workshops for heavy machinery, light vehicles, cranes.
Responsible for the maintenance of mechanical and hydraulic: digestion,
washing, laundry machine, drying and baling (daily production pasta TN 840)
Coordinator of the electrical and instrument maintenance.
Planning of import and domestic parts.
When the import was closed by the government, began the nationalization of
the means of engineering developments with national companies, which was
Papel Prensa SA San Pedro, Buenos Aires.
Paper mill for newspapers
Head of support services
From: December 1978 to March 1980
During assembly of the plant was responsible for monitoring areas of my
Staff selection, coaching, training and launching areas: generation of steam and
compressed air, water treatment for boilers and process, treatment of industrial
effluents and sewage them.
Argentina Cement Company (CACP) Olavarria, Buenos Aires.
Manufacture of Portland Cement
Thermoelectric Power Plant Foreman shift
From: February 1970 to March 1971
Responsible for the operation of the plant and shift their auxiliaries
Assistant Chief Plant
Since: March 1971 to December 1978
Responsible for operation and maintenance of mechanical plant and its
auxiliaries, plus the management of all staff.
Coordinator of the electrical and instrument maintenance.
The plant consisted of five General Electric turbogenerators ten Mellor Goovrin
boilers, cooling towers, two water condensers and closed circuit for all the
A sub. Power station in DEBA from 50 Hz to 33 KV power converter Asea
rotational frequency of 8 MW. Hs, 4.16 KV, 60 Hz
Transformers 5 MVA and 10
Own generation of 21 Mw. Hs
Petroquímica Argentina S.A. (PASA) Rosario, Santa Fe
Petrochemical industry Petroleum
Fellow in a training course of processes of hydrocarbons.
From: April 1965 to September 1965
Studies of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons processes.
Operator "A" (boards)
Since: November 1966 to December 1968
Responsible for taking the time to process the plant section desh Butadiene
hydrogenation with commanders on the field operators.
Sub - shift supervisor
From: January 1969 to January 1970
Responsible for the shift operating section deshidrogenización Butadiene plant.
Experience in high-capacity centrifugal compressor driven turbines.
Operation and maintenance of gas turbines Westhingouse.
Busetti and Fontana Rosario, Santa Fe
Manufacture of auto parts
Tornero Matricero
From: January 1960 to December 1964
Responsible for work of precision and automatic lathes prepared.

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