3.8 Notes
What is the rock cycle?
Objective: Explain the rock cycle
A cycle is a series of events that happen over and over again. The rock cycle is a
series of natural processes where rocks are slowly changed from one kind of rock
to another kind of rock.
What is a cycle? What other types of cycles can you think of?
Rocks change over time. Rocks change inside the Earth from heat and pressure.
On Earth’s surface, rocks are changed by rain, ice, wind, or chemicals in air or
How do you think ice, rain, and wind can change rocks?
The Rock Cycle
 Magma cools and hardens to form igneous rock.
 Weathering and erosion breaks igneous rocks down into sediment.
 Sediment compacts and cements together to form sedimentary rock.
 Heat and pressure turns sedimentary rock into metamorphic rock.
 Metamorphic rock melts back into magma.
Rock Cycle Game
Rock Cycle Video
How does magma become igneous rock?