Unit A: Computer and Internet Basics
1. Any machine that accepts input, processes and stores data, and produces output is called a(n) ____.
a. computer
c. word processor
b. device
d. PC
2. A computer system includes which of the following?
a. hardware
c. peripheral devices
b. software
d. all of the above.
3. PC stands for ____ computer.
a. peripheral
b. personal
c. processor
d. portable
4. ____ refers to the electronic and mechanical parts of the computer.
a. System unit
c. Hardware
b. Software
d. All of the above.
5. Digital cameras and media players are examples of ____ devices.
a. internal
c. peripheral
b. storage
d. input
6. Word processing and antivirus programs are examples of ____.
a. peripherals
c. hardware
b. software
d. digital devices
7. A computer processes information and sends it to a(n) ____ device.
a. peripheral
c. input
b. storage
d. output
8. ____ is the trend to blend several technologies with distinct functions into a single product.
a. Digital convergence
c. Digitization
b. Digital evolution
d. Cloud computing
9. Once information is input into a computer, it becomes ____.
a. data
c. memory
b. output
d. software
10. The main processor in a computer is called the ____.
a. GUI
c. LAN
b. CPU
d. PC
11. A(n) ____ is a named collection of data that exists on a storage medium.
a. disk
c. folder
b. drive
d. file
12. The file ____ is composed of the period and letters to the right of the period.
a. name
c. type
b. location
d. extension
13. All of the following are examples of portable computers EXCEPT ____.
a. desktops
c. netbooks
b. notebooks
d. tablets
14. The case for a vertical system unit is often referred to as a(n) ____.
a. box
c. desktop
b. tower
d. tablet
15. The above figure is an example of a(n) ____ computer.
a. all-in-one
c. tower
b. notebook
d. netbook
16. The above figure is an example of a(n) ____ computer.
a. all-in-one
c. tower
b. notebook
d. netbook
17. A(n) ____ computer has a clamshell design, and opens and closes on a hinge.
a. tablet
c. notebook
b. tower
d. all-in-one
18. A(n) ____ has a touch-sensitive screen, which can be used as a writing or drawing pad.
a. netbook
c. tablet
b. PDA
d. videogame console
19. Examples of ____ computers are Apple iPhone and Blackberry smartphones.
a. handheld
c. netbook
b. tablet
d. mini-laptop
20. Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox are types of ____.
a. netbooks
c. tablets
b. PDAs
d. videogame consoles
21. A(n) ____ drive works with CDs, DVDs, and BDs.
a. hard
c. magnetic
b. optical
d. flash
22. A(n) ____ allows you to capture video images using your computer.
a. Web cam
c. digital camera
b. digital media player
d. All of the above.
23. A network located in your home is an example of a(n) ____.
a. WAN
c. Internet
b. LAN
d. modem
24. Linux is an example of a(n) ____.
a. operating system
b. computer platform
c. GUI
d. handheld device
25. Which of the following is NOT true about computer platforms?
a. If you have an Intel Mac you can install the c. Linux is usually used instead of the
Windows OS.
Macintosh OS.
b. The PC platform is sometimes called the d. Two of the most important factors that
Windows platform
define a computer’s platform are the
processor and the OS.
26. The ____ is used for tasks such as starting programs and locating data files.
a. CPU
c. computer platform
b. operating system
d. application software
27. A(n) ____ displays on-screen icons, menus, and buttons.
a. application software
c. operating system
b. Macintosh
d. GUI
28. Several people who connect to the Internet and communicate in real time by typing comments to each
other is called a(n) ____.
a. chat room
c. VoIP
b. instant message
d. social network
29. In the URL http://www.nps/yose/index.htm, ____ is the Web protocol standard.
a. http
c. nps
b. www
d. htm
30. In the URL http://www.nps/yose/index.htm, ____ is the Web server name.
a. http
c. nps
b. www
d. htm
31. In the URL http://www.nps/yose/index.htm, ____ is the file extension.
a. http
c. nps
b. www.
d. htm
32. Google apps is an example of ____ computing.
a. cloud
c. network
b. system
d. search
33. An email message can be sent using CC, which stands for ____ copy.
a. courier
c. computer
b. courtesy
d. chat
34. A(n) ____ filter routes email advertisements to either the Deleted Items or Spam folder.
a. junk
c. virus
b. spam
d. message
35. A distributed ____ is a group of diverse computers, in which each computer contributes processing
resources to solving a single problem.
a. grid
c. network
b. cloud
d. system
Joy is teaching her colleague, Anna, how to send emails.
36. Joy tells Anna that she can use ____ to convey feelings, such as “I’m perplexed.”
a. netiquette
c. attachments
b. a message in all caps
d. emoticons
Identify the correct answer from the list of choices.
a. Mainframe
b. Supercomputer
c. Workstation
d. USB flash drive
e. Hard disk
A large and expensive computer capable of processing data for hundreds or thousands of users.
An removable storage device for a PC.
A primary storage device.
A powerful desktop computer, used for medical imaging and computer-aided design.
A computer used for breaking codes.