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CONTACT NUMBER: ______________
Please list only the courses that require a rental textbook from the College Bookstore.
I agree to the following terms and conditions:
I am entering into this Textbook Rental Agreement with STILLMAN COLLEGE BOOKSTORE. I will return the rented
textbooks to the bookstore on or before the last day of final examinations.
2. I understand that failure to return the rented textbooks by the aforementioned due date will result in the assessment of a
late fee. I also understand that I will not be able to access my grades, obtain a transcript, or complete the graduation process
until books have been returned and/or book fees paid.
3. I understand that if my textbooks are damaged beyond reasonable use by the bookstore personnel, I will be charged a fee
sufficient to cover the cost of the textbooks.
4. I understand that I am responsible for any loss or theft of rented textbooks. I understand that no fees for the loss or damage
to textbooks will be charged to my student account, and I am responsible for the payment of all fees directly to the College
5. I understand that highlighting, underlining, or marking textbooks is not allowed and will result in assessment of
replacement cost.
6. I understand that if I drop a course, textbooks must be returned to the bookstore immediately.
7. I understand that if I withdraw from Stillman, I must return my books to the Stillman College Bookstore prior to leaving the
8. I understand that failure to return textbooks will result in a hold placed on my student records until such time as I pay the
full new book replacement cost of textbooks that was issued to me by Stillman College Bookstore.
9. I understand that lab manuals, workbooks, and access codes (known as consumables) are not provided in the Textbook
Rental Program. These items must be purchased separately through the Stillman College Bookstore.
10. I understand that students who have special needs (including, but not limited to e-books, access codes that cannot be
purchased via the Stillman College Bookstore, etc.) are responsible for purchasing these materials from another vendor.
Bookstore personnel will provide information about these vendors but cannot purchase the materials for the student.
11. I understand that failure to return textbooks on time will result in a penalty of $100.00 per day up to 10 (ten) days – or – the
actual cost of the rented books.
I certify that I have read, understood and agree to the terms of the Agreement.
I accept the terms of this agreement
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