Hyun Jun Han
Current Home Address:
711 W. Main St.
Gladding Residence Phase II, 361C
[email protected]
Professional Goal
A career in sculpture and photography with emphasis on metal working
Virginia Commonwealth University
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture
Cheongna Dalton International School
Candidate May 2020
Major Related Courses:
Space Research
Projects: Sculpture and Extended Media
Surface Research
 Translating for the Annual International Tax Convention (2014)
 Organized and Supervised Seoul Global Committee MUN convention
 Assisted and managed translators for Korea International Portfolio
 Taught conversational English to Elementary and Middle school
 Acted as Camp staff at Camp Wabikon for two weeks
 Tutored students in drumming at Seoul Musical Academy
Work Experince:
 Worked as an kitchen assistant and Bae Pul Seon restaurant
 Worked as a information desk informer at Min Guk Library
References available upon request
Jun Han