Attention All Third Graders
Now you all know what happens to numbers when they are multiplied and divided! We will
continue to work on 0-10 multiplication and division facts at school but you must spend time learning
the facts so that they become automatic. Your mastery of the multiplication tables, and understanding
of multiplication and division, will be important as you continue through school. Your present and
future teachers will all assume you are fluent with your multiplication and division facts and will teach
with that in mind. We are offering a challenge to our third grade students at Osborn Hill. We want you
to use all the methods available to you to learn the multiplication facts. You can use flash cards and
play card and dice games, and you can use any of the fun web sites listed below. You will be taking 1
minute fluency tests weekly. We will celebrate the results of your increasing speed and knowledge
throughout the months of March and April. We hope all Osborn Hill students shine on these tests!
Mrs. Brennan, Mrs. Elmore, Mrs. Greer, Ms. Mancini and Mrs. Roos
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