Attention: Seth Richardson, Fellows Director Briarwood Presbyterian Church (PCA)
2310 Briarwood Trace, Birmingham, Al 35243Email: [email protected]
Application Process:
1. Application- Complete and submit before these given deadlines
December 15, 2014
January 15, 2015
February 15, 201 5
March 15, 2015
April 15. 2015
Response from us by:
January 30, 2015
February 15, 2015
March 15, 2015
April 15, 2015
May 15, 2015
All applicants after the April 15 deadline will be accepted and reviewed in the priority in which they were received.
Please feel free to contact us after April 15th to inquire concerning available openings.
2. References-You will need a Pastoral, Professional and Friend Reference.
3. Two Interviews- Within the time between the deadline and the “response by” date, you will receive two
phone calls from two different members of our board of directors to arrange an interview. On many
occasions, if schedules permit, the interview can be done on that initial call.
4. Invitation-Our admissions process is a “rolling” admissions process. What this means is that if your
application is not accepted from the initial wave of applicants, then your application will be placed within the
next wave. You will be notified by the stated “response” date whether you have been accepted, not
accepted or have been sent to the next wave of applicants.
5. Commitment -Upon receiving an invitation from the Briarwood Fellows, the applicant has 14 days to decide
and to submit a signed copy of our “Covenant and Commitment” along with a non refundable deposit of
Checklist (in order to complete application)
Complete application and email.
Attach a high quality, headshot photograph.
Email current resume
Contact a Pastoral, Professional and Friend References and ask them to email a reference.
E-mail an electronic copy of this application, resume and photo to [email protected]
Please type directly on to this document and return via email.
Give your application a file name that contains your first and last name.
Section I: Personal Information:
Basic Information:
Date of Application:
Date of Birth:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Are you a U.S. citizen or lawful
permanent resident alien?
Have you ever been convicted of a
crime (other than traffic violations)?
If yes, please explain.
Do we have your authorization to make
independent inquiry about you, to
include your parents, school, pastor or
any relevant person/organization or
government authority?
Do you have any special needs or are
there any extraordinary circumstances
that we should be aware of in advance
of your joining the Fellows Program? If
so, please specify:
Please type directly on to this document and return via email.
Give your application a file name that contains your first and last name.
Name of Parents:
Parent’s phone:
Parent’s email :
Parent’s Home Address
Name of siblings?
Is your family aware and
supportive of your desire to be a
Briarwood Fellow?
Graduation Date
Major/ Minor
Graduation Date
Academic Honors
Marketplace or Ministry Fellows?
Are you applying for the marketplace or
ministry fellows? (choose one)
Marketplace ☐
Ministry ☐
What’s the difference?
The marketplace and ministry fellows will be a part of one group and participate in all of the same things. There are
three major differences- internships, disciple ministry and admissions process.
 Internship- while marketplace fellows will work at business throughout Birmingham, ministry fellows intern
within a ministry of Briarwood. The ministries who participate vary from year to year.
 Discipleship Ministry- all fellows volunteer in ministries 4-6 hours per week. Ministry fellows will not be given
a discipleship ministry outside of their internship.
 Admissions- the ministry fellow will be interviewed by the ministry department head in addition to the
fellows board of directors to determine admittance in the program.
Please type directly on to this document and return via email.
Give your application a file name that contains your first and last name.
Section II. Church, Family and Theology
1. Please give us a testimony of how you came to know Jesus Christ as your Savior and any significant stages in your
spiritual growth and maturity. You may want to address issues such as: Who is Jesus Christ to you? How is a
person reconciled to God?
2. Briefly describe your church background and what it has meant in your life.
3. Briefly describe your relationship with your parents and siblings.
4. What books have been most impactful in your life?
5. In one or two sentences please state your position on each of the following (please note that we are
not necessarily looking for the “textbook” Christian response to any of these answers, but we are
looking to see how you have personally wrestled with and thought through each of these issues):
Premarital Sex
Section III. Program Expectations and Future Hopes
1. What makes you want to invest nine months of your life as a fellow?
2. How did you hear about the Briarwood Fellows?
3. Do you have a clear sense of your vocational calling or are you thinking about the Fellows Program as a way of
further discerning your vocational calling?
4. What is it specifically about our fellows program that appeals to you?
5. Have you applied to other Fellows programs? If so, which ones?
6. If you were not able to do the Briarwood Fellows Program what would you do with the coming year?
7. What do you see yourself doing vocationally five years from now? Ten years from now?
8. List internships that you believe would be the best fit for you.
Please type directly on to this document and return via email.
Give your application a file name that contains your first and last name.
Section IV. Leadership, Service and Decision Making
1. Briefly describe two of your role models and the impact they have had upon your life.
2. Name one person that you have disciple or invested in spiritually?
3. What church or para-church ministry experiences have you been involved with in the last five years?
Briefly describe any leadership roles you’ve held. (ministry, greek life, work, etc)
5. Briefly describe any recent successes?
6. Briefly describe recent failures or setbacks?
7. Please give us a job history. Include any and all work with the dates of employment.
8. Give a recent example from your life where you made an important decision and how you went about making
that decision.
9. What are some of your hobbies and interests?
10. Rank yourself in these areas (by placing an X) from your strongest quality (#10) to your weakest (#1)
Walk with the Lord (a relationship with God that is marked by practicing
repentance & growing in grace, devotional life, obedience, personal & corporate
worship, prayer life)
Teaching (serving others by teaching or leading Bible studies, small groups,
evangelism and discipleship)
Leadership/ Influence (have been given responsibility, serves others by leading
teams, seeks to motivate others)
Organization & Time Management ( seeks excellence by managing tasks and
details well; punctual; able to handle logistics)
Discipline (able to complete tasks, stay on course; practice healthy habits)
Compassion & Servant hood ( is sensitive to the needs of others; empathetic;
naturally seeks to meet needs and serve others)
Creativity ( is full of ideas, thinks imaginatively; enjoys producing things)
Learning (enjoys learning and academics; is studious)
Team Player ( others see your potential and ask for input; contributes to the goals
of the team; is comfortable fulfilling your role on the team)
Attitude ( has positive outlook; takes criticism well; adaptable; not prone to
complain; aware of demeanor and its affect on others)
11. Take a look at your #1 and #10 ranked characteristics. Describe why you ranked the highest and lowest the
way you did.
Please type directly on to this document and return via email.
Give your application a file name that contains your first and last name.
Section V. References and Letters of Recommendation
Please list at least three references and instruct them to email a brief letter of reference to
[email protected] Have them answer these questions.
How long have you known the fellows’ applicant?
Describe the nature of your relationship and how well you know the applicant?
What do believe the fellow has most to contribute to the fellow’s program?
What do you believe the applicant has most to gain from the fellow’s program?
Pastoral Reference
Nature of the Relationship?
Professional or Academic Reference
Nature of the Relationship?
Reference from Friend
Nature of the Relationship?
Section VI Resume
Please attach a current resume. You can submit your application without a resume, but will need to have it
completed by March 1st if accepted. Note: When submitting your resume please keep in mind that we may use this
very document to begin searching out professional internships. Your resume should be as professional and
presentable as possible.
Section VII Program Cost, Finances & Scholarships
The cost of the fellows program is $6000 and the total is due in cash, checks and support pledges at the
beginning of the program start date. Supporters must complete a supporter pledge card with amount
pledged. You may request prior to arrival to make monthly payments. If approved, the minimum due in
Please type directly on to this document and return via email.
Give your application a file name that contains your first and last name.
cash, check or support pledges is $3000 at start date. Monthly payments are determined by dividing
balance by eight payments. Balances are to be paid in full 30 days before the end of the program.
There is financial assistance and scholarships are available of up to 50% of the program cost. Disbursements will be
determined by a scholarship committee of our board of directors based on need and availability of scholarship funds.
If accepted to the program, you will be notified of any financial aid prior to commitment date. You may request a
scholarship application from the fellow’s director.
Section VIII Affirmation and Authorization
I, the undersigned, do hereby affirm that the information I have provided on this application and all attachments is
true and accurate. I further affirm that, if I am accepted into the Briarwood Fellows program, I will adhere to the
following Briarwood Fellows Program Statement of Commitment. I also affirm that I will not knowingly undermine or
disrespect the teachings, doctrines, beliefs, and tenets of Briarwood Presbyterian Church or the PCA (Presbyterian
Church in America) ( For the Vision and Values of Briarwood Presbyterian Church go to
I hereby authorize Briarwood Presbyterian Church and any representatives of the Briarwood Fellows Program to
make independent inquiry about me to assess my qualifications regarding this program. Furthermore, I understand
that the Briarwood Fellows Program is designed for followers of Christ who desire to be teachable in all areas of life.
YES or NO? (Underline one)
Please type directly on to this document and return via email.
Give your application a file name that contains your first and last name.