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Winter Wheat Seed Companies (“you”)
From: Emerson Nafziger, Professor; Darin Joos, Principal Research Specialist;
Keith Ames, Senior Research Specialist
The 2015-2016 University of Illinois Wheat Variety Trials
The enclosed application form is for your convenience in entering varieties into the 2015-2016 Illinois wheat
variety trials. We at the University of Illinois believe it is important to have current variety performance
information available to the farmers of Illinois. Your continued participation will ensure that the newest and best
varieties are compared in these trials.
Additional copies of the entry form and 2015 results are available on the website:
We will continue to allow the entry of seed treated with anything (fungicide, insecticide, etc.) that is labeled for
wheat seed, without the requirement that untreated seed be entered of the same variety. The actual seed
treatment applied and its rate of application must be specified, and MSDS sheets must be included with the
entry. We have added a column to the entry form for you to identify such treatments. A column will be added
to the results tables to indicate seed treatments for each entry. Individual varieties may also be entered
separately as both treated and untreated seed.
We plan to use the same locations and techniques we have used to conduct these trials in past years. Trials
will be planted at six locations in Illinois, listed north to south: DeKalb, Urbana, Perry (the Northern Region),
and Brownstown, Belleville, and Mulkeytown (the Southern Region). Entry fees will remain at $340 per entry in
a region (3 locations.)
If a variety has been entered in previous years under a different name, please indicate the name change on
the entry blank. This will ensure that 2- and 3-year averages can be calculated appropriately. Also, in order to
save time next summer, please fill out the enclosed wheat variety characteristics form. We use the information
that you provide to describe varieties sold in Illinois in our report each summer.
The University will use good faith efforts to plant, harvest and calculate the results of every entry accepted;
however, the University shall not be liable for loss of crop or data unless caused by the University’s gross
negligence or intentional misconduct. In no event shall the University be liable to refund any testing fees paid.
Nothing in this Agreement grants to University any intellectual property rights in the seeds you provide to us
under this Agreement.
Except for the approved uses on the attached Copyright/Advertising Policy, neither party will use the name of
the other in any form of advertising or publicity without the express written permission of the other party.
Applicant shall seek permission from University by submitting the proposed use, well in advance of any
deadline, to the Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs, University of Illinois, Third Floor Swanlund
Administration Building, 601 East John Street, Champaign, IL 61820; fax (217) 244-7124.
Please make sure that the person in your company who makes the wheat entry decisions gets this mailing.
Thank you for your support of these trials, and let’s look forward to a good wheat year in 2015-2016.
2015-2016 Illinois Wheat Variety Trial Entry Form
Submitted by
Cell Phone
Please check the desired region(s) in which you would like to enter each variety. As we do not accept single-location
entries, you need only to check under the “Region” – Northern or Southern. Fees are $340 per entry per region (three
Southern Region:
Entry name
Seed Treatment
(material and rate)
Northern Region:
Mulkeytown, Belleville,
Perry, Urbana, DeKalb
Entry fees:
_____ Regional entries @ $340 per entry =
$______________ = TOTAL DUE
Please enclose a check payable to the University of Illinois to cover the entry fees total shown.
Please send this form and payment check by September 4, 2015 to:
Variety Testing Wheat Payment
Department of Crop Sciences
AW-101 Turner Hall
1102 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
Also, email the form to [email protected]
Ship Seed (three lb per region) and a copy of the entry form, along with MSDS and label for seed treatments
By September 11, 2015* to:
Darin Joos
Variety Testing
4202 South First St.
Champaign, Illinois 61822
*Note on deadlines: We understand that wheat is a short turnaround crop from harvest to planting, but we continue to struggle to get
our designs finished and the seed here by the time of the first planting, which is as early as September 17-18 at DeKalb. Please try to
make the deadlines, and to keep us informed if and when seed is coming.
Wheat Variety Characteristics Form, 2015-2016
Please rate each variety entered for the agronomic characteristics listed below (see bottom of table for codes). We prefer
that those varieties be described that are in this year’s variety trials, but that is not required: we will describe any variety
that is being sold commercially in Illinois.
Company ____________________________________
Contact person _____________________________________
V = variety; B = blend; H = hybrid
E = 2 or more days earlier than average; ME = 1-2 days early; M = medium maturity, or about average of
most varieties grown in Illinois; ML = 1-2 days later than M; L = 2 or more days later than M. Note: we know
that “average” is not very exact, but without a widely-used “standard” such as Caldwell, we don’t know a good
alternative. Please look at this year’s characteristics table to see how varieties are rated for maturity.
Head type: S = smooth (not bearded); T = tip-awned; B = awned (bearded)
Winter hardiness and standability are rated fair (F), good (G), very good (VG) or excellent (E)
Plant height: S = short; M = medium; T = tall
Hessian fly and disease reactions: S = susceptible; R = resistant; I = intermediate; MS = moderately susceptible; MR =
Moderately resistant
Please include this form with the variety entry form, or email it to Darin Joos at [email protected]
Dear Entrant of the University of Illinois Crop Testing Programs:
The Crop Testing Programs Copyright / Advertising Policy described here have several objectives, including:
Proper use of the University of Illinois’s name
Fairness to all companies
Proper use of the data
Reasonable procedures
The advertising policy is designed to encourage use of the data in a fair and uniform manner. Proper reference of the bulletin will be
required to accompany any advertisement, with a disclaimer included in the ad.
Copyright/Advertising Policy
This information, protected by copyright, is presented under authority granted the University of Illinois to conduct performance trials,
including interpretation of data to the public, and does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the University of Illinois.
Performance data may be used in the following ways: 1) Permission is granted to reproduce the tables in their entirety provided the
source is referenced and data are not manipulated or reinterpreted; 2) Advertising statements by an individual company about the
performance of its entries can be made as long as they are accurate statements about the data as published, with no reference to other
companies’ name or cultivars. For both cases mentioned above the following must be included with the reprint or ad: “See the
official University of Illinois, Department of Crop Sciences results in bulletin ‘ ”CROP” Variety Test Results in Illinois - 2014',
2014-## or at the website Endorsement or recommendation by the University of Illinois is not implied.”
Some examples of possible ads follow.
Example 1: ‘Company’ ‘variety’ had the highest regional yield (60.0 bu/A)* in the Region 1 trial.
Example 2: ‘Company’ had the #1, 3 & 5 ranked regional yield* among cultivars entered in the Region 1 trial.
Example 3: ‘Company’ ‘variety’ yielded 60.0 bu/A* in the Region 1 trial, which is ‘significantly’ better than the trial average of 53.0
bu/A at the 25% L.S.D. level.
[With the following to appear after each such advertising statement:]
*See the official University of Illinois, Department of Crop Sciences results in bulletin ‘ “CROP” Variety Test Results in Illinois 2014', 2014-## or at the website Endorsement or recommendation by the University of Illinois is not
Our goal is to create an environment that will encourage companies to freely enter varieties without fear of negative advertising, this
should benefit all involved. Please pass this information on to those promoting your companies’ cultivars. Abuses will result in
action to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.
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