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The use of Press in the Third Reich
On the 13th of March Josef Goebbels was established as Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment.
 The Newspaper used to help spread the message of Gleichschaltung – Nazi regime which
established a system of totalitarian control and coordination over all aspects of society.
 Those involved in publishing of newspaper, including the owners, the editors and the
journalist had to be members of The Reich press chamber – regulated German culture.
 The official newspaper of the Third Reich was the ‘Volkischer Beobachter’ - It was antisemite, anti- Communist, anti-liberal.
 Incident of ‘The Frankfurter Zeitung’ – early 1930’s the newspaper was anti-Nazi and voiced
some criticism of the regime. Its offices were invaded by storm troopers and were
threatened with closure if they didn’t support the Nazi Party.
 ‘I consider radio to be the most modern and crucial instrument that exists for influencing the
masses. I also believe that radio will in the end replace the press.’ Josef Goebbels, 1933
 Goebbels took steps to make radios more widely available. He made a deal with
industrialists to promote the mass production and sale of cheap radio sets.
 In 1938, a cheap radio was available called the ‘Peoples receiver’, costing 35RM. As a result
of this policy by 1939, 70% of German households possessed a radio set (highest proportion
in the world.
 The radio enabled Hitler and Goebbels to speak directly to the people. In 1933, Hitler
broadcasted 50 speeches over the radio.
 Radio stations concentrated on political propaganda which alienated the majority of
 The totalitarian ideology of the Nazis did not permit the expression of any alternative
viewpoints or criticism of the regime. They were seen as a threat to the coordination in the
‘people’s community’.
 Aimed to impose ‘cultural autarky’ where the German people would be sheltered from the
outside influences.
 Censorship of the media:
- Bans were placed on the communist and socialist parties, preventing them from
publishing any newspaper, books and posters.
- Goebbels issued instructions to newspapers and the radio about what could and
couldn’t be reported.
- Film censorship Goebbels had the right to view scripts.

The use of Press in the Third Reich chris, omar, atty