Vitaco Business
Pei Málaga
North Asia Market Manager
Business Description
• Vitaco is a leading Australasian manufacturer and marketer of consumer health
• Based in Auckland, New Zealand we employ more than 400 people with an
office in Sydney, Australia
• Sales are across a range of brands and channels
• Business consists of 3 core product categories
– Supplements
– Sports Nutrition
– Foods (Healthy Snacks, Teas, Free From, Cereals, Baking)
An impressive range of Brands
Vitaco International Business
• Experience in export business for more than 30 year,
exporting quality products to 5 continents
• Growing export business is one of Vitaco’s key strategies.
Sales outside NZ already make up 60% of our business,
with Australia being the biggest market
• Outside Australia and NZ, China has been identified as a
key priority market for our international business
Vitaco China Business
• Marketing formulated dairy products under the Healtheries and Nutralife
brands in China for about 15 years
• Healtheries brand being regarded as the pioneer and leading brand in
the China market in categories such as colostrum
• With the key merger initiatives successfully implemented, in 2010 Vitaco
returned its focus to actively pursuing growth on a number of key fronts
• Working with word class business consultancy -- LEK and consumer
research company Synovate , Vitaco developed a robust, focused
development plan for the China market
Vitaco China Business
• China is the fastest growing consumer market in the world with a
bourgeoning middle class population exceeds the total population of
• A fast emerging younger generation, living in first tier cities such as Beijing
Shanghai Guangzhou, with the highest disposable income, familiar with
non –Chinese culture and looking for a new way of life
• Raising wealth and increased health awareness, aging population,
changing lifestyle, pursuing of convenience etc, contributed to the 8% p.a.
growth of the supplement market since 2005. The market is estimated to
arrive at 13 billion NZD in 2014
• Consumers demanding high value products and credible brands that
Vitaco China Business
New Zealand is well know for it’s clean green image and well respected as a
good quality food source among Chinese consumers
Tailoring to the Chinese consumers’ needs Vitaco is launching Healtheries “恒之
源” range of premium supplements and protein powders, featuring selected
products made with the best natural ingredients from NZ’s land and sea
With our business partner DKSH, a world leading Market Expansion Service
Group with a focus in Asia, these products are scheduled on shelf in premium
super markets and personal care stores in Eastern China in June 2013, with a roll
out plan to the rest of China over the next 2-3 years
NZ Deer velvet fits perfectly into the product portfolio expansion for China.
Working together with DINZ on the regulatory side, this product will be first
launched in New Zealand in 2013 through NZ souvenir market, then in China
following the completion of the registration
• Factory tour
• Strict quality and
safety control
• Healtheries “恒之源”
range of premium
supplements and
protein powders
Vitaco _ General +China
Healtheries China Launch 360 Market
Festival Gift
PR Launch
In store
Vitaco Video
• Xinhua News Agency
 The official press agency and largest news agency in China
 Most of Chinese media rely on Xinhua feeds to fill their contents
• Sina
 The largest Chinese -language infortament web portal
 The most popular website in China. The site has about 3,000,000,000 page views every
day. (Gallup)
 Sina Weibo, a Twitter- like microblog social network, which has 56.5 percent of the Chinese
micro blogging market based on active users and 86.6 percent based on browsing time
• Tencent QQ
 China's largest and most used Internet service portal
 # 2 on the list of the “most popular website” of China (Alexsa Traffic Ranking)
• Sohu
 The largest web portal in China (China ranking)
• China Daily
 With over 500,000 copies per issue China Daily has the widest print circulation
of any English-language newspaper in China ( of which a third are abroad)
 Online website in 3 languages Chinese, English, French
• BTV –Beijing TV
satellite broadcast national coverage
• Magazines
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