• From Idre in Sweden.
• Currently living in Gothenburg.
• Environmental/ Organic Chemistry master student.
Sáminuorra- Samii Youth organization.
• PUSH- Sweden
• Representing the Samii Council in the Arctic Council Task
Force for Action on Black Carbon and Methane.
Today most of the transportation in Sweden are based on fossil fuel.
Goal: No release of greenhouse gases in 2030.
Vision: - In 2030, A vehicle fleet that´s independent of fossil fuel.
- In 2050, Sweden shall have a sustainable energy source and
provide energy in a resource effective way without no
emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
The energy source is almost C02-free (nuclear power included).
We need more renewable energy sources and more energy efficient.
Government are pushed to provide minerals to Europe.
• Impact of the environment and emissions of heavy
metals and impurities in the nature and water supplies.
• Safety rules of environment.
• Location.
“ The UN Commitee on the Elimination
of Racial Discrimination calls on the Swedish
government to stop all activities at the proposed nickel
mine in Rönnbäcken south of Tärnaby, Västerbotten, Sweden.”[1]
(1) http://www.svt.se/nyheter/regionalt/vasterbottensnytt/un-stop-the-mining-in-sweden
• Sweden needs to shift to sustainable renewable energy sources.
• Sweden needs to find a sustainable way to handle the mining issues,
that’s humane and does not risk the water supplies
or the surrounding environment.
• Sweden should not be depending on Nuclear power.
• Sweden should be independent of fossil fuel.

Sweden - Youth Arctic Coalition