Lake Don Pedro Community
Services District
IRWIM Presentation 2013
Geographic area served
Operational Focus
Current Projects
Future Plans
Lake Don Pedro History
• The water system was constructed in 1968
by Boise Cascade and governed by PacificCascade.
• In 1975, it transferred its interests to Sierra
Highlands Water Company.
• In 1980, it became a Special District for the
purpose of providing water services to the
What is a Special District?
A special district is a separate local
government that delivers a public service to a
geographically limited area.
Special districts have four distinguishing
Are a form of government
Have a governing board
Provide services and facilities
Have defined boundaries
We are an Enterprise
• We are financially supported entirely by the
property owners within the District, we must
receive enough revenue to cover the expenses
to operate, maintain and expand the water
• This is accomplished by continuously
reviewing expenses and ensuring cost
effective measures are in place to provide
water at the most reasonable price possible.
Who Governs/Influences the District?
Board of Directors
Mariposa County
Tuolumne County
County Grand Jury
Merced Irrigation District
CDPH- CA Department of Public Health Title 22 Regulations
SWRCB- State Water Resources Control Board
DWR- Department of Water Resources
CA Government Code - Ralph M. Brown Act
EDD- Employment Development Department
PERS- Public Employee Retirement System
State Controller
EPA- Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act and 40
CFR regulations
IRS- Internal Revenue Service
Misc. Entities
ACWA Joint Powers Association
Operations & Professional Services
• General Manager
• Administration Department
• 3 Employees
• Operations Department
• 4 Employees
Professional Services
• Legal Counsel
• Engineering
• Auditors
Geographic Area Served
Mariposa & Tuolumne
Lake Don Pedro Community
Water System Infrastructure
2 MGD Conventional Water
Treatment Plant
Distribution System
2 Production Pumps
Coagulation &
Flocculation Basin
Sedimentation Basin
2 Pressure Vessel Filters
Backwash Pond
Storage Pond
8 Water Tanks-6 MG
1440 Service Connections
86 miles of Piping
480 Fire Hydrants
343 Street Valves
2 Hydro-Pneumatic Tanks
12 Pressure Reducing
2 Intake Pumps
2 Barges
2 Float Pumps
11 Distribution Pumps
1 Well
2 Intake Pumps at Lake McClure
Storage Capacity 1,026,000 Acre-feet
MID Surplus Agreement 5,160 Acre-feet
Barge & Float Pumps Used at 700 ft.
Ranchito Well
Dimensions: 8 ½” x 300’, Capacity:140gpm
1.5 MG Raw Water Tank
Treatment Plant Pipe Gallery
Chemical Tank Farm
Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium hydroxide, & Chem Floc
Conventional Treatment Plant
Flash mixing chamber, Coagulation Flocculation Basin, & Sedimentation Basin
Multi-Media Filter Vessels
Anthracite, Sand, & Garnet
Distribution System Water Storage Tank
HMI System Monitors SCADA & Telemetry
Lab Analysis
Conducted to Check Integrity of Plant Performance
Meter Reading
Maintenance on Distribution System
Water Break Repairs
What are Some of the Top Issues Facing the
• Insure compliance with E.P.A - Safe Drinking
Water Act
• Insure compliance with CDPH - state regulations
• Replacement of an Aging Infrastructure
• Deferred maintenance of Plant and Distribution
System equipment
• Drought conditions- low lake levels and the need
of a standby well
• Vulnerability Assessment- securing our assets
What Must be Done to Meet These
• Review the Capital Improvement Plan
• Source Waters
Surface water- ensure sufficient availability with a new barge and float
Ground Water- ensure sufficient availability by testing/maintaining
Ranchito Well, look into constructing a second well for standby purposes
• Treatment Plant
Replace aged & broken plant equipment, upgrade antiquated HyperTac system,
upgrade SCADA and telemetry equipment
• Storage Tank Facilities
• Install fencing and gates to improve our security and reduce vulnerability to
theft and vandalism
• Infrastructure
Distribution system is over 40 years old. Need to be aggressive with water main and service
line replacements
• Insure CIP is Consistent with our Financial
What About Future Goals?
CSD Subdivision Build-out
OPU Service
Golf Course
• Irrigation Water
Perform Services for Other Agencies
• Back Flow Testing
• Cross-Connection Surveys
• Laboratory Testing
Assume Other Services
• Trash
• Waste Water Treatment
• Horse Trails
• Etc…
First We Must Focus On the CSD’s
Immediate Goals/Challenges
• According To Stephen Covey, author of The 7
Habits of Highly Effective People, he mentions
that “in order to be effective with success, we
must work out of quadrants 1 and 2”.
• Filters of Importance
• Quadrant 1-urgent, crises, & deadlines
• Quadrant 2-maximizing current opportunities
Knowing is not enough, we must
apply. Willing is not enough, we
must do.
-Bruce Lee
Lake Don Pedro Community
Services District
Thank You!

Lake Don Pedro Community Services District