Morgan Mill Metals
Permits and Certifications
Our Mission:
Morgan Mill Metals is a newly
constructed facility, built to provide
an environmentally friendly
alternative for precious metals
What Makes Morgan Mill Metals
Different From Other Refining
Morgan Mill Metals is a zero
discharge facility, allowing us to
refine without generating industrial
waste water or RCRA solid waste.
Permits and
• This presentation provides our
customers with the ability to view
the regulatory permits and
certifications held by Morgan Mill
• These permits are legally required to
provide authorization of the industrial
activity needed to perform precious
metals refining and analysis.
Morgan Mill Metals
We’re providing you with this presentation
to assure you that you are working with an
environmentally sound and progressive
company. Our permit and certification
program allows us to limit the regulatory
downstream liability of our customers.
25 Morgan Mill Rd.
Johnston, RI 02919
Toll Free: 855-270-9944 in RI: 401-270-9944
Fax: 401-270-9925

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