How many of you know what kleptomania is?
It is an Impulse-Control Disorder
It is an irresistible impulse to steal items that you don’t need
and have no value to you.
Powerful urges to steal items that you don’t need.
Feeling increased tension leading up to the theft.
Feeling pleasure or gratification while stealing.
Feeling terrible guilt or shame after the theft.
Cause not known
There are several theories
Problems with a naturally
Head injury
occurring brain chemical
 Helps regulate moods and
Tends to appear in times of
Losses, separations, ending
of an important relationship
 Fewer than 5% of identified shoplifters.
 More common in females than in males.
 Average age is 35
 Some individuals start at 5 years old
 0.6% of the population have Kleptomania.
No cure
No standard kleptomania treatment
Researchers are still trying to look for one
Self-help groups
They may help
Medication or psychotherapy
Little scientific research
May benefit from taking a combination of medications
 Medications taken:
 Psychodynamic therapy
 Antidepressants
 Family therapy
 Mood stabilizers
 Marriage counseling
 Anti-seizure medications
 Addiction medications
 Psychotherapy
 Cognitive behavioral therapy
 Identifies unhealthy, negative
 Begin in childhood
 Many few patients come for help on their own accord
 Sometimes its not even diagnosed
Is there a difference between kleptomaniacs and regular
thieves? If so, what is the difference between the two?
Kleptomaniac-Bill Bryson
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