Additional Coping Techniques
Chapter 16
“One cannot collect all the beautiful
shells on the beach, one can collect
only a few.”
—Anne Morrow Lindbergh
A Wealth of Coping Techniques
• There are hundreds of ways to cope
with stress
• Coping techniques that work toward a
resolution are deemed effective
• Coping techniques that don’t work are
deemed ineffective
Ineffective Coping Strategies
• All coping techniques that avoid stress rather
than confront it are ineffective
• Our worst health concerns are examples of
poor coping techniques
• Drinking that leads to alcoholism
• Fighting that leads to spousal abuse
• Drug experimentation that leads to addiction
• Avoidance of any kind that perpetuates stress
Essential Aspects of Effective
Coping Skills
1. Increase your awareness of the cause
of stress
2. Process information about your
3. Change attitude, change behavior
4. Work toward a peaceful resolution
Information Seeking
• Lack of information and fear of the
unknown can lead to stress
• To conquer fear of the unknown, gather
information about a specific
• Collecting and processing facts can
solve the problem and regain emotional
Social Engineering
Define your stressor
Identify your initial response
Generate alternatives
Choose the best alternative
Evaluate the outcome of your choice
Additional Coping Techniques
Social support groups
Dream therapy
Social Support Groups
• Friends, family are essential to help
buffer the effects of crisis
• Support groups enhance feelings of
• Research supports the impact of
support groups
– classic breast cancer support group
• Hobbies serve as a good mental escape
• Hobbies help make order out of chaos
• Organizational skills can transfer to
other aspects of life
• Cautionary note: Hobbies can produce
stress at times
• Forgiveness is considered an antidote for
• Forgiveness is done for you, not the person
who wronged you
• Forgiveness is a means of letting go so you
can move on with your life
• Forgiveness doesn’t mean restitution, don’t
wait for an apology
• Forgiveness also involves the aspect of
Dream Therapy
• Freud called dreams the royal road to
the unconscious
• Freud said dreams conceal the truth
• Jung said dreams reveal the truth
• Dreams can offer insight to resolve
personal issues
Prayer and Faith
• Prayer is considered to be one of the oldest
coping techniques
• Prayer is one of the top coping skills for older
• There are several different methods of
• Prayer: building a bond with a higher power
• Prayer is not the same thing as meditation
Ways to Pray
(Note a similar style to visualization technique)
1. Send a clear transmission
2. Communicate in the present tense
3. Express your thoughts in a positive mind
Best Aspects of Employing Effective
Coping Skills
• Unresolved stress can be devastating.
These coping skills help to resolve
issues so you can get on with your life.
Study Guide Questions
1. How does information seeking both
reduce and promote stress?
2. Why are support groups thought to
serve as an effective coping skill?
3. How do hobbies help one to reduce
Study Guide Questions
4. Why is forgiveness considered an
effective coping skill?
5. How can dream therapy help one
reduce stress?
6. Why is prayer considered an effective
coping technique?

Chapter 16: Additional Coping Techniques