MSB:s participation in the projects
26 February 2015, Tallinn
Ongoing projects
Gaps to Caps
Baltic Leadership Programme
Haga cooperation
• CISKT - Creative Industries Safety Knowledge
• Estonia, Finland and Sweden
• 2 years project, finish autumn 2015
• Expected results of the project:
- a permanent structure for vocational
training in event security.
- to create Nordic Event Safety Certificate
Finnish-Swedish EU Northern USAR
• Development of Cold Conditions USAR modul
• Joint training and exercises and the development
of procedures for collaboration
• CMC (Crisis Management Centre) in Finland coordinating partner, MSB - an associate partner
in the project.
• Funding DG-ECHO, January 2015 - June 2016
• Nordic contribution to the EU voluntary pool
Bonus Programme
• ”The Joint Baltic Sea research and development
• Observers and one of founders for the
programme under perioden 2013 – 2015
Institutional Infractructure
• Small project with Swedish funding
contributing to Helcom and EU:s strategi work
• Mapping of authorities responsible for oil spills
accidents in BSR countries.
• Consultant will collect the data.
• Report in English ready and available to all
countries in June 2015