The Ingeus Service Delivery Model How can Health and Well Being assist with
Stewart Connell,
Team Manager
Nicola Ritchie,
Lead Advisor
The Service Delivery Model
The Ingeus H&W Service
ILA Accounts and Workshops
Working with Employers
Good News Stories
JCP Referrals
JSA Customers
Ingeus Works
Job Start
Review &Refresh
Engage 1
Job Start
Steps to
Job Start
Review &Refresh
Stage 3:
Skills Plus
(weeks 17
to 52)
Vocational Routeway
Engage 2
Personal Routeway
Final Interview and Action Plan
Steps to
Job Start
Stage 4:
(weeks 53 to
Steps to Work
Careers Academy
Stage 2:
(weeks 5 to 16)
Stage 1:
(weeks 1 to 4)
In Work
Health &
ESA Customers
Insight – up to 4 weeks
• Thorough diagnostics to help us understand your situation – including
assessment from a health professional or self employment expert if needed
• Identifying the right support for each individual – choose from Boost, Engage,
Enterprise or Steps to Work for the next part of the program
• Job search support and quick start workshops
• CV, better off calculations, expert advice about in work benefits and careers
Boost – week 4 - 16
• Fast pace, high activity and job focused
• In depth coaching and review points
• Suite of employability skills workshops like interview skills
Engage – week 4 - 16
• Support to overcome barriers to employment
• Access to complimentary services from our partners on the ACE network
• Suite of tailored workshops like confidence building and motivation, job compass
Enterprise – week 4 - 16
• Expert advice for those who have a viable business idea
• Access to test trading to try your idea out
Core Services Available to all customers throughout the
journey with Ingeus
• Health and Well Being service – dedicated health
professionals delivering one to one and group interventions
to ensure customers can manage their health concerns in
• ACE Network – Accessible Community Experts: Access to
specialist support from partner organisations to address
specific constraints
• Employer Services – access to exclusive vacancies sourced
by our employer facing team
• IngeusWorks – online portal for job search and advice
Steps to Work – from week 4, up to 2 years
• Experienced health professionals offering holistic support on all areas of health and
well-being to make sure you can return to work when you are ready
• One to one support and group interventions, workshops to improve physical and
mental health, a personal health plan with a work focus
• Referrals to appropriate support for more serious, ongoing health issues
• Referral to Boost, Engage or Enterprise as soon as you are ready to start looking for
Careers Academy – available in work for up to 2 years
• Support for up to two years after starting work – we want to make sure your job
works out and you progress
• Careers and in work benefits advice
• Rapid response if your job ends to get you back to work again
Vocational Routeways – up to 18 weeks
• Developing skills through training or placements
• Continuing to job search
• Skills relevant to the local labour market
Personal Routeways – up to 18 weeks
• New goal setting and regular reviews – refresh our approach
• Build on progress
• Peer support, group and one to one
• Ongoing support with job search
Breakthrough – Year 2
• Weekly peer group learning and reviews
• Community work based placements to get additional experience
The Ingeus H&W
Evidence based advice on how
to understand, cope with, and
manage existing health related
conditions or issues.
The service is not therapy,
treatment or counselling.
The Ingeus H&W
We provide brief education
based interventions, with a
focus on group work and
Health Advisors work alongside
Employment Advisors to
provide an integrated service.
Issues that we typically address include:
– Low Mood as a product of being out of work
– Low confidence
– Anxieties about returning to work
– Loss of structure and routine – and
associated sleep
– Entrenched negative thinking styles
– Loss of self belief
All Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol
interventions delivered by Ingeus ACE network
Providers (SAMH, Phoenix Futures)
All Musculo-Skeletal issues referred to Salus
All other interventions delivered internally or
referred to local providers
IILA accounts
and Workshops
and Security
DWP have issued a contract variation to
cover non encryption activity and the
parameters of this have been tightly defined.
It is critical that all staff involved are aware
that any deviations from the defined process
will be classified as a data security event
and must be reported immediately.
Working with Employers
•Dedicated Employers Services Team
•National Account Managers
•Local Employment Partnership Coordinators
Working with Employers
•Elior – Retention and Overall
Award in Borders Diversity
•JK Thomson – Silver Award in the
category of Employer of the Year at
the Scottish Diversity Awards.
Alison has been on disability benefit for a
number of years and really struggles with low
mood, self-esteem and confidence issues. Alison
agreed that due to her unhealthy lifestyle and old
habits, it would be a good idea to work on
improving the way she looks and more importantly,
feels. Alison has since joined the gym ‘Curves’ and
has lost a staggering 2 stone in 12 weeks! This has
made a huge difference to Alison, and improved her
confidence and self-esteem greatly, giving Alison a
new found motivation and ‘can do attitude’. Alison
has since benefited from a number of interviews
and feels able to conduct herself better and in a
more positive light to prospective employers.
58-year-old Denis McCrudden, has finally broken a five year cycle of
unemployment, depression and anxiety thanks to a new job at the recentlyopened Co-operative food store in the town. Denis is one of 10 previously
unemployed new recruits at the store in the Links Shopping Centre, which
joined forces with Ingeus in Musselburgh to recruit local, long-term
unemployed people for some of its vacancies.
Ex-miner Denis previously feared his working life was over after redundancy
and personal problems left him with depression and a total lack of
confidence. However, after working with specialist Employment and Health
Advisors at Ingeus, he is now a familiar and friendly face at the store, where
his role selling lottery tickets, phone top-ups and newspapers in the kiosk
has quickly progressed to a permanent role with increased hours.
“I was determined to get my life back on track but was frightened to even
attend the Ingeus meetings at first,” explains Denis. “I was soon given
support with stress management and assertiveness and met people in
similar situations to me. Gradually I found the confidence to apply for jobs
and when my Employment Advisor suggested The Co-operative vacancy I
gave it my best shot.”
Despite not having any retail experience, The Co-operative clearly
recognised Denis’s abilities and gave him his much-wished-for chance. “I
genuinely look forward to going into work now and can’t believe how much
more happy and confident I feel”

The Ingeus Service Delivery Model