Emotional Support and Service
Animals in University Housing
Jennifer Cobb, Director, Enterprise Risk Management
Jonathan Lucia, Director of Residence Life
Joy Norman, Director of Disability Services
• Pets-animals living with owners for purposes
of love, affection, and company
• Service Animals-animal individually trained to
perform specific task or function related to
physical, intellectual, or mental disability
• Emotional Support Animals-provide
therapeutic benefit to person with mental or
psychiatric disability
Service Animal
Emotional Support Animal
Federal Law
ADA, Titles II &III
Fair Housing Act
Type of Animal
Dogs & Miniature Horses *
No Restrictions*
Applies To
All Facilities
Housing Only
Required Training
Specific Training Required
No Training Required
No documentation required (two
question rule)
Letter from health
Department of Justice
*Request may be denied if:
Animal poses health/safety threat
Property Damage is inevitable
Poses undue financial/administrative burden
Alters nature of housing operations
What Has Changed?
• Guidance from HUD (April 25, 2013)
– FHA applies to University owned housing
• University of Nebraska Kearney Case
– FHA applies to University owned housing
– U.S. District Court of Nebraska
– Partial summary judgment against U. of Nebraska
– Will likely be appealed to U.S. Court of Appeals 8th
• Service Animals (two question rule)
– Is the animal required because of a disability
– What work or tasks has the animal been trained to
• Emotional Support Animal
– Letter from health professional
– Identify how animal alleviates or reduces
symptoms of mental/psychiatric illness
Emotional Support Animal
• Discussed at system wide disability services,
housing, and student affairs meetings
• No specific guidance issued from BOR
• Young Harris College and Georgia College have
accommodated emotional comfort animals
• Incoming student inquired at last orientation
CSU Policy
• Policy based on review of multiple policies at
institutions across the country
• Student makes request through Disability
Services Office
• Approved student meets with Director of
Residence Life to review standards
• Vaccination and registration records housed in
Residence Life office

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