Disability Activation Project
Why monitor and evaluate?
1. Monitoring and evaluation is a requirement of the
Disability Activation Project.
2. Monitoring and evaluation allows the project
promoter to demonstrate how the project is
meeting its overall aims, objectives and indicators.
3. Monitoring and evaluation provides an opportunity
to identify and address difficult issues, as well as
identifying “models of good practice.”
 Quarterly Progress Reports
 ESF Report with June and
Dec QR
 Project Site Visits
 Final Project Report
 Self Evaluation
 Programme Level Evaluation
Quarterly Progress Report
 Must be submitted with each claim for expenditure
 Update progress on:
 Indicators
 Project activity
 Conditions
 Publicity
To complete the report you will need to:
 Keep Records of the individual participants
 Keep attendance records for all events and activities
ESF Report – Performance Indicators
Socio Economic Profile:
Horizontal Themes:
 Gender
 Social Inclusion
 Regional Breakdown
 Gender Equality & Wider
 Age
Equality Opportunity
 Disadvantaged Group
 Labour Market Status
 Educational Attainment
 Participants Entering /
Leaving the project
 Mainstreaming
 Operating Environment
Definition of a Project Participant
Participants must be, 16 to 65 years of age, in
receipt of disability/illness welfare payments and
reside in the Border Midlands and Western (BMW)
Each participant must have a Personal Progression Plan
Each Project participants details must be submitted to
and agreed with the Department of Social Protection in
advance of registering for the project. Email to:
[email protected]
 Submitted at the end of the project with
 Report Structure
 Review of the project taking account of the objectives,
indicators and outcomes.
 Project challenges/un-foreseen events
 Learning from the project
 Project Sustainability
Evaluation Budget
 Budget Changes
 Maximum budget of €2,000
 To set up monitoring and evaluation systems
 Feed into the programme level evaluation

DACT Monitoring Presentation Bush Hotel 2013