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What will be covered today
Why we are talking with you
The vision for health services in Stockport
The context and reason for change
The priorities for change
Mental Health
Health Literacy and Prevention
Out of Hospital Care
Unscheduled Care
Elective Care
Healthier Together (Hospital Reconfiguration)
• The next two years operational plans
Why are we talking with you today?
It is about your services
Our commitment to transparency
Your views and knowledge are important
Two year operational plans submitted 4th April
Influence on five-year plans for 20th June
Big consultation in July for Healthier Together
Health Services in Stockport Tomorrow
• Support to live healthier lifestyle
• A remodelled general practice– proactive and
anticipatory with better access
• Person centred integrated care service in the
• Locality based provision
• Smaller higher quality hospital services
• Better access to mental health services for
children and adults
Health Services in Stockport Now
• Health Outcomes are about average, but…
– Cancer greatly improved
– Flu among best in country
– Big inequalities divide
• Over Hospitalisation
– High Admissions
– Long length of stay
• Poor Performance in A&E
• Good Quality Primary Care
• Stretched Community and Mental Health Services
Financial Context
• Stockport CCG’s budget is £350m
Very limited growth in health funding
Pressure on social care
£16m short of target
• Ageing Population
• Medical Advances
• Inflation
• Result - c£100m gap across health and social care
What the public have said already
• Strong support for more integrated health & social care
enabling people to stay at home including at end of life or
with dementia
• Desire for better access to primary care with more services
available locally
• A willingness to use technology and information to improve
services and safety
• A desire for better mental health services and improved
mental wellbeing including support for carers and a better
transition from children to adult services
• Better compliance with NICE guidance – e.g. IVF, epilepsy
Priorities: Mental Health
• National Context:
– Parity of esteem, dementia and IAPT
• Our response
Improved Access to Psychological Therapies
Children & Adolescent Mental Health 0-25
Dementia – Mental Health Liaison & EOL
Attention Deficit Disorder & Autism
• But, same expectation on efficiency as all
Priorities: Health Literacy and Prevention
• National Policy
– Health Outcomes, Reduce years of Life Lost
• Our Response
– Health & social care workforce better equipped
– Early Identification
Atrial Fibrillation
Priorities: Out of Hospital Care
• National Context:
– Integrated Care & Primary Care at Scale
• Our Response
– Adult Integrated Team (Health & Social Care)
– People Powered Health
– Remodelling General Practice
• Better response to acute need
• Greater focus on Long-Term Conditions
– Proactive Care Home Support
Priorities: Unscheduled Care
• National Policy
– Reduce admissions, meet targets
• Our response
See Previous section
Reformed Front-End
New role for ambulance services
Stronger rapid response type services in community
Priorities: Elective Care
• National Policy
– 30% more efficient
• Our Response
– Improve referral practice through peer review in both
primary & secondary care
– Tighten thresholds for some surgical procedures
• Weight Loss and smoking cessation
– Reduce follow-up procedures
– Not introducing additional triage centres
Priorities: IM&T
• Integration of records
– Single record
• Digital services to the population
– Access to your own records
– Apps
• Supporting people remotely
• Video consultation
• Tele-medicine and Tele-care
Priorities: GM Acute Sector Reform
Addressing variation in quality & sustainability
Twenty clinical congresses involved
Single services to be shared across hospitals
Specialist and District General Hospital teams
one and same
• Plan specific detailed proposals for consultation
in July.
Major Reforms Across Greater Manchester
10 local models of integrated health & social care
Association of
NHS England
+ local CCG
Next steps
• Operational plan submitted 4th April
• On-going public conversation and work on vision
and 5 year plan until end of May
• Publication of 5 year health strategy 20th June
• Questions and feedback
What sounds good?
What would you like more information on?
What do you think we have missed?
What causes anxiety or concern?
– What sounds good?
– What would you like more information or
detail on?
– What do you think we have missed?
– What causes anxiety or concern?
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