Accessing Substance Abuse and
Mental Health Services in
Washtenaw County
Barrier Busters Presentation
July 24, 2013
Integrated Health
• Provide limited mental health services
(consultation, short term therapy, co-visits) and
bridging to CSTS if necessary
• Full time MHP and .1FTE Psychiatrists
Packard Health
Neighborhood Family Health Clinic
Hope Clinic (.1 FTE MHP and Doc)
Corner Health Clinic (only MHP)
Ypsilanti Family Practice (only Doc)
Screening, Brief, Intervention, Referral to Treatment
• Provides screening and short term substance
abuse treatment, engagement and community
• Full time MHP and Full time Peer Support
– Packard Health
– Neighborhood Family Health Clinic
Disease Management
• Provide disease management services- care
coordination, health education, limited
transportation, nutrition services, social
support to CSTS clients with co-morbid health
– 5 Nurses
– 3 Peer Support Specialists
– 1 Registered Dietician
– 1 Data Entry Clerk
Access Department
(Triage, Assessment, Crisis Services)
Central entry point for Medicaid recipients and uninsured individuals seeking
mental health and substance abuse services in Washtenaw County
Hours of operation- 24/7, 365 days per year
Contact number- 734-544-3050
Triage Team-Receives initial requests, provides information and referral to
community resources, makes appointments for CSTS eligibility determination
process, links to Crisis Team for urgent/emergent requests and links individuals
seeking substance abuse services only with ROSC providers
Assessment Team- Conducts eligibility determination process utilizing the
MDCH and Michigan Mental Health Code Criteria to determine CSTS eligibility
and links to treatment teams or a community resource that might better meet
an individuals needs
Crisis Team- A mobile crisis team that provides crisis stabilization services,
information and linkage to individuals, friends and family members in crisis,
assists with the navigation of the mental health system in Washtenaw County,
pre-admission screening process for inpatient hospitalization admission,
inpatient hospital diversion planning, and linkage to urgent substance abuse
services in Washtenaw County.
Youth and Family Services CSTS
600 Families & Children aged 0 to 18
• Family centered strength based approach to all
treatment- meeting people where they are at
• Intensive Services: Home-Based, Wrap Around,
SED Waiver, Infant Mental Health Prevention
• Family Therapy, CBT, DBT, Trauma Focused CBT,
nursing services, case management, psychiatry
services, co-occurring, Parenting Through
Change, Mom Power Groups
• DD Services, ASD Benefits, Psychology, Child
Waiver Services
Washtenaw County CSTS – Adult MI Services
Levels Of Care:
Level 5 – Residential
Level 4 – ACT (Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti)
Level 3 – Intensive Case Management
Level 2 – Clinic Case Management
Level 1 – Outpatient Medication
Specialty Services – OBRA, Therapy, Jail Diversion, PATH, SOAR
Treatment services are Integrated Dual Disorder and Trauma Informed Programs.
Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Three geographically based teams
Services include:
-Supports Coordination
-Skill Building
-Community Living Supports
-Behavioral Psychology
- Psychiatric Services
-Therapy (Individual and Group)
-Occupational Therapy
- Respite