Quality Assurance Capabilities
Quality Check Process
Quality Assurance is done keeping two principals in mind .
"Fit for Purpose", the product should be suitable for the
intended purpose; and "First time Right", mistakes should
be eliminated.
We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Team which ensure
that all the deliverables are sent as per clients’
Quality Process Approach/Overview
The Quality Approach by Research and Analytics division is to ensure that the standards
prescribed by the client are strictly adhered to without any bias in the project
Challenges faced by our clients are mostly
 Improving on error free deliverables through peaks and troughs in the workload
 Compliance with standards
We follow a multi-step Quality Assurance (QA) process to ensure the highest level of
quality. Our QA process makes sure that functionality suffices the end clients’
Any deviation against the questionnaire/requirement document is reported,
investigated and recorded as per pre-defined template which can be share with the
development teams.
Quality Assurance Process
Standard practice for Quality Process as a rule,
comprises of the following steps –
Quality workflow
Receipt of IQA Request
Read-through of Materials
Quality Feedback Process
Monthly Error Reporting
The Quality team has highly skilled executives with strong Market Research experience.
The Quality team checks the quality of deliverables at each stage of the process.
Independent data cleaning team checks the data programmatically.
The team checks the deliverables on all parameters e.g., Logical, Textual and Aesthetical.
Quality Assurance Benefits
Multi-Step Quality Process
Programmer Quality Check
Scripter verifies the project for Logic and Aesthetics
Scripter verifies the raw data before processing the tables
Rectifies the programming errors incase found
Send the project to Quality Assurance Team
Independent Quality Assurance Team
Quality Team tests the project and the data
Sends the feedback to the scripting team
Delivery Sign-Off is issued once the link is considered error free
Delivery of the project by Delivery Team
Data Validation
Database format Checks
100% Data Checking
Respondent Integrity Checks
Quality Workflow
Request for IQA
Confirm Receipt and Commit
a Timeline
Clarifications Sent and
Discussed with the
Programming Team
Quality Check
Delivery to
Programming Team
Programmer fixes all
the observations
raised by the QA Team
Quality Process
Read-through of Materials
QA associate reads through the Questionnaire and discusses any clarification with the SP Team.
1. Output of this review is:
a. Understanding the requirements
c. Clarifying doubts
b. Raising questions / assumptions
d. Skip patterns
Receipt of IQA Request
QA Team confirms the requests and commits the timeline post review of the materials
Quality Check Process
During Internal QA, QA Team checks any complex logic programmed.
1. QA team checks for all the possible scenarios and verify output as per the questionnaire and specification sheet.
2. QA Team notes down all the observations in a pre defined observation template which is later sent to the
Programming Team.
3. Programming Team then looks into the observations and makes necessary amendments if required and sends back
the feedback.
4. QA Team reviews corrections/suggestions and sends feedback to programmer until the project is error free.
5. Point 4 -5 are recursive and followed till all the requirements in the link are met as per the Questionnaire and the
specification sheet.
Quality Feedback
Every month, all the observations recorded are shared and discussed with the Delivery
Managers. A separate report is prepared for all the service lines to maintain the exclusivity.
The report includes the trend for overall errors recorded for the month, along with the
programmer’s scorecard. This helps in achieving –
 Feedback to the Teams and eliminate identical Errors.
 Designing customized training plan based on the programmers score card.
 Increasing the error-free deliverables to our client.
 Achieving synchronized data and elevating the ability for continuous
 Improving the overall performance of the team and ensuring efficient
service to our customer.
 Adding value with the technical knowledge, experienced team of
 Improving overall TAT by eliminating errors and inculcate “First Time Right”
approach within the teams.
Quality Feedback Process
For Feedback purpose, QA team bucket and logs errors under different categories. This helps
the programming teams to identify key pain areas.
For Survey Programming – Feedback is logged as Validation, layout, textual error which is
categorized further for analysis.
For Analytics – Observations are categorized as Very Serious/Fatal, Crucial, Significant and Minor. See
below for examples
• Very Serious: Banner Counts, Incorrect Process tables.
• Crucial: Incorrect Count, Country Standards
not followed, Missing Table etc.
• Significant: Mean Missing, Stubs Mismatch etc.
• Minor: Spelling Errors, Incorrect Table order etc.
Quality Feedback Snapshots
Feedback from the QA Team is shared
on periodic basis with the Teams. Based
on which Team’s performance is judged
and further training plan for the team is
prepared. Here are few of the snapshot
of the QA report.
Quality Feedback Snapshots (Survey Programming)
QA Team gives a detailed feedback to the Delivery Heads so that analysis can be done and
further shared internally with the SP Team members
Quality Feedback Snapshots (Data Processing)
Quality Assurance Value Add
 Sharing of new ideas, effective ways of doing the work better, supporting both individual
and team efforts for continual process improvement.
 Identifying right skill-set availability, knowledge gaps through monthly analysis reports.
 Conducting independent quality check on all possible parameters.
 Testing/Validating study from the end-user perspective.
 Continuous follow-ups ensuring revisions are corrected and communicated to client.
 Accurate and synchronized data as per the client requirements.
 Automation of QC process, wherever required, as per requirements to ensure Quick and
Accurate checks.
 Process Improvement initiatives to spot and mitigate any risks.
Quality Assurance – Accolades
Quality Certifications
Certified ISO 9001-2000 (by DNV / STQC)
Assessed at SEI CMMi – Level 5 (QAI)
Assessed at P-CMM – Level 5 (QAI)
Certified for ISO 27001 (formerly BS 7799 for Information Security)
Commitment to Quality
SAS 70 certified processes
Six Sigma Programs
HIPAA Compliant Processes
Team of Certified Software Quality Analysts (CSQA)
Member of Life Office Members Association [LOMA]
Client Accolades
Received several accolades from client. Few are…
Really appreciate your support and team efforts for making data delivery possible
yesterday in limited span of time…`
I am glad to inform that we were successfully able to deliver both projects as per our
commitment and the expectation. This could have never been possible without your
support and hard work.
I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all your efforts in making this possible. I
know, you all guys have stretched beyond your normal capacity to meet these two very
important studies along with other studies, which is commendable.
This wouldn’t have been possible without your support. It is really excellent job done by
Datamatics to turn this around in so quick time.

Quality Assurance Capabilities