o Overview
o Collaboration of Agencies
o Medical Services
o Mental Health Services
o Key Factors for Success
California Department of
Corrections & Rehabilitation
California Correctional
Health Care Services
California Department
of State Hospitals
Chief Deputy Warden
EEO/Labor Relations
Disciplinary Officer
o Leadership
o Partnership
o Community Support
oQuality Management
o Acculturation
o Inter-Departmental Process Training
Critical during activation and in
continuing CHCF’s vision and mission.
o Emergency Supply Order
o Prioritization of Resources
o Shared Resources
State Licensing Liaisons
o The Joint Commission
o California State Fire Marshall
o United States Environmental Protection Agency
o Board of Pharmacy Specialists
o Community Care Licensing Division
o California Department of Social Services
Partnership with San Joaquin Delta College:
With funding from California Prison Health Care Services
San Joaquin Delta College expanded its accredited
psychiatric technician program to be able to fill required
CHCF positions.
San Joaquin Delta College ramped up its program over
three to four years to graduate 270 students in the
contract term.
Quality Assurance process at all
stages of development.
o Focus on Training
o Integration of Systems with
Interagency Policies
o Cultivation of a Safety Culture
o Quality Management
o Collaboration & Synergy
o Engage & Involve Employees
o Importance of Feedback
o Maintain Clarity of Mission
o Interdepartmental Process Training
o Multi-departmental & Multi-disciplinary
o Interdisciplinary Treatment Model
o A-WRP: Admission-Wellness and Recovery Plan
o IDTT: Inter-Disciplinary Treatment Team
o CCAT: Coordinated Clinical Assessment Team
The past, the present and the future are really one:
they are today. -Harriet Beecher Stowe

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