Giving up Smoking with
Kim Maidment Lic.Ac. MCMA
Oral Cancer
 In the USA 30,000 people newly diagnosed each year.
 Worldwide new cases exceed a third of a million.
 Early detection survival rates are between 80-90%.
 Most cases are detected late and so death rate is high.
 In the USA one person dies of oral cancers each hour.
 75% of those diagnosed are tobacco users.
 Smoking is the number one risk factor
Hopeless cases
Method One (ear points)
Ear seed
Press needle
Method Two (Head Points)
Method Three (Tianmei)
Half way between LI5 and
LU7 on the back of the
Radial Prominence
(look for a dip)
Method Five (Back Method)
BL13, BL14, BL15, BL17,
BL18, BL20, BL20.
Plus extra points on the

Giving up Smoking with Acupuncture