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Evolution of PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing
Base Features…
New in 8.8…
New in 8.9…
• Web-based Sourcing Event
• Revamped UI
• Multi-round sourcing events
• Optimization of sourcing
creation and Execution
• Forward and Reverse
• Multi-attribute Rfx and
auction scoring
• Requisition Demand
• Purchasing integration for
award processing
• Online Supplier Registration
including offer/counter-offer
• Tiered pricing/volume
• Cross-business unit
requisition consolidation
• Supplier Self-Categorization
• XML/ MS Excel based
• Event versioning and
change control
• Msg boards and real-time
“chat” with Suppliers
• Streamlined RFI transaction
• BOM and Planning Order
• Price Component Breakouts
• Integration to E1
• Cost Contribution Bid Factors
for Total Cost Model
• Policy and Constraint capture
and use in analysis
• Sourcing Plans for total lifecycle management
• Integrated Supplier Contract
Management module
• Allow excess award quantities
• Automated UOM conversions
• Quick-Highlight of delta in
supplier bids
• UDDI Integration for supplier
• Additional UI enhancements
Feature Highlights of Supplier Contract Management
• Centralized, digital contract
• Text-based and meta-data driven
• Document authoring and
• Contract Clause Library
• Smart Configurators
• Wizard questions for contract
• Version control and audit trail
• Collaborative authoring
• MS Word Integration
• Bind Variables
• Rules processing
• Dependent and Alternate
• Amendment processing
• Generic Document Authoring
• Contract monitoring and
• Agreement/Deliverable
• Workflow notification
• Strategic Sourcing integration