Facilities Shared Services
Programme (FSSP)
Team Brief
Note from Douglas Seago
This is a very busy time of year for us all so many thanks for taking the time to read this edition of the Facilities Shared Services
I am indebted to all of those involved in the various work streams for their exceptional efforts in taking the shared services
agenda forward, in some cases to the point where they can be handed back to the Health Boards where the benefits can be
realised, services improved and importantly savings made.
There has been considerable debate both within the Facilities Review and Shared Services Programme Board and offline about
the pressure on staff representatives and managers to free up time to contribute to the work of the Programme. It is
appreciated that the urgent needs of the operational service must take priority over involvement and engagement in this
important strategic work. If I can help staff, through discussion with managers to support your involvement in this programme
then please do not hesitate in getting back to me.
Given the lack of availability of staff to complete some aspects of projects it has been necessary to use consultants with the
appropriate experience. This has not been undertaken lightly and I would assure all staff that should there be parcels of work
which need to be undertaken then secondment opportunities will be offered to staff with the appropriate skills and experience,
prior to the work being tendered through NHSScotland Frameworks2. These opportunities will be advertised internally.
May I take this opportunity to offer you a very peaceful Christmas and a successful 2015.
Our aims
• The Facilities Shared Services Programme aims to explore
opportunities for NHS Boards to utilise resources in more
effective and innovative ways; for example, sharing services
where appropriate.
• There are already examples of good practice across
NHSScotland. Our purpose is to work together to ensure that we
share these benefits widely and identify further productive
opportunities to enable us to deliver services of improved
quality and efficiency.
• NHSScotland has a duty to the people of Scotland to ensure the NHS
continues to deliver high quality services that are good value for money.
• The latest review, the Scottish Government Efficiency and Productivity
Framework (Feb 2011) identified Support/ Shared services as an area
where further savings and quality improvements could be made.
• Facilities Shared Services has 5 workstreams:
– Capital Planning & Hard Facilities Management – Public Private
Partnership (PPP) – Sterile Services – Transport – Waste (complete)
Capital Planning
• Ove Arup consultants have concluded the data collection
exercise to establish which skills sets and capital planning roles
are currently held within NHSScotland across all Boards, and to
compare this to indicative development plans for the next 10
years. A report providing a roadmap and potential way forward
to deliver a regional Capital Planning model was presented to
the FR&SS Programme Board on 11th December 2014 at which
the decision was made to seek stakeholder input from those
involved in capital projects, Chief Executives and Directors of
Finance. Until this work is complete there will not be a clear
direction of travel.
Hard FM
• The analysis work undertaken by the Hard FM Short Life Working
Group to date has started to highlight areas of skill shortage and
opportunities for skill sharing across Boards. Further work is now
being planned to examine the skill mix in the context of Health
Boards and their proximity to each other. This will expand the areas
covered to include property and asset management and
sustainability amongst others.
Transport - Fleet Management
• Business Case approved in principle by Scottish Government to
procure base telematics units for all commercial and pool vehicles
across NHSScotland and an integrated Fleet Management System
(including car leasing quoting functionality) and to establish a
professional national fleet management support function.
• Work has been ongoing with NHS Boards and Staffside colleagues
to explore opportunities and develop a phased implementation
plan for the creation of regional fleet management operational
areas, supported by a national support function.
Transport - Car Leasing
• An automated Car Leasing Fleet Management System is being
progressed as part of the wider Fleet Management and Telematics
systems. It is anticipated that procurement will commence early
2015 on confirmation of funding. The formal route for negotiation
and implementation of core principles for car leasing is in
progress. A Review Group will be established in early 2015 to
review management structures for the delivery of the Car Leasing
function across NHSScotland.
Transport – Logistics
• A funding bid has been submitted to resource dedicated logistics
expertise to work with NHS Boards on the re-routing opportunities
identified in the national review. It is anticipated that this resource
will be available early 2015.
Sterile Services
• A report on the non-financial appraisal of options for the future delivery
of sterile services for NHS Boards which have a need to invest in a
capital infrastructure or establish contracts for the delivery of these
services was presented to the FR&SS Programme Board on 11th
December 2014. NHS Boards in scope are NHS Forth Valley, NHS
Lanarkshire, NHS Lothian (West Lothian only) and NHS Ayrshire & Arran
(as a potential provider). The Programme Board requested that the
Sterile Services Core Project Team complete the financial appraisal of
the options for submission to the next Board meeting. The Programme
Board also proposed a broader review of options and opportunities on a
wider, and possibly, national basis. This will be explored further with
the Central Decontamination Group in the New Year.
Sterile Services
• The Scottish Government eHealth Directorate has requested NHS
NSS lead on the development of a report detailing the potential
usage of GS1 within NHSScotland. It is expected that this report will
help understand the implications and inform decisions around the
use of GS1 as the unique identification standard in Scotland. The
outcomes of this will inform work on a single solution for tracking
and traceability for NHSScotland.
• Reports approved by the Facilities Review &
Shared Services Programme Board can be
downloaded from our website.
• http://www.qihub.scot.nhs.uk/quality-andefficiency/shared-services/facilities-sharedservices.aspx
Note of Thanks
• A note of thanks to all involved in the Facilities Shared Service
Programme during 2015, and in particular to:
Projects moving into Business As Usual
• George Curley, Director of Facilities, NHS Lothian and Howard Royston,
PFI/NPD Contracts Advisor (PPP)
• Doug Flint, Sustainable Development Manager, HFS (Waste)
• Jim Leiper, Director of Estates, Facilities & Capital Services, NHS Fife
Note of Thanks
Moving on
• Mike Baxter, Deputy Director of Capital & Facilities, Scottish
• Peter Haggerty, Director, HFS
• Joe Lynch, National Partnership Representative
• Thanks to all for their dedicated work and support and best wishes to
those moving on to new positions and opportunities in 2015
Find ut more
Capital Planning & Hard FM
Sterile Services
Transport – Car Leasing
Transport – Fleet Management
Transport - Logistics
Lead Officer/ Project Manager/ Partnership Representative
Tom Steele, Director of Strategic Projects & Facilities, NHS Forth Valley
Anne Whiting, Project Manager
George Walsh, Partnership Representative
Douglas Seago, Programme Director, Facilities Shared Services, Scottish Government
Lynn Hunter, Project Manager
Linda Clarkson, Partnership Representative
Julie Smith, Partnership Representative
Douglas Seago, Programme Director, Facilities Shared Services, Scottish Government
Lynn Hunter, Project Manager
Samuel Brewster, Partnership Representative
Michael Jackson, Project Manager, NHS National Services Scotland
Lynn Hunter, Project Manager
Liz Rosie, Partnership Representative
Lesley McConnell, Partnership Representative
Gordon James, Logistics Director, NHS National Services Scotland
Lynn Hunter, Project Manager
Liz Rosie, Partnership Representative
Lesley McConnell, Partnership Representative
Further information is available on the website: http://www.qihub.scot.nhs.uk/quality-and-efficiency/sharedservices/facilities-shared-services.aspx
If you have any questions….
Email: [email protected]

Facilities Shared Services Team Brief December 2014