Service Oriented
Architecture for Mobile
Swarupsingh Baran
University of North Carolina Charlotte
What do we have today?
► Service
Oriented Architecture for Mobiles
► SAP SOA for Mobile Applications
► Microsoft Dynamics CRM (SOA Framework)
► Microsoft Mobile CRM
► CWR Mobile CRM
Service Oriented Architecture
set of components which can be invoked, and
whose interface descriptions can be published and
discovered - W3C.
► The
policies, practices, frameworks that enable
application functionality to be provided and
consumed as sets of services published at a
granularity relevant to the service consumer.
A Service Characteristic
► Services
are typically constructed in the
following four tiers:
Business process facade
Business rules
Data access
Today’s Mobile Applications
► Field
Service Automation
► Fleet Management
► Asset Management and Tracking
► Mobile CRM
Problems Faced
► Unlike
the Desktop counterparts, limited
processing power as far as Mobiles are
► Limited bandwidth and connectivity.
► Offline / Online connection nature of the
► Insufficient data storage resources.
Solution – SOA for Mobile Applications
► Lightweight
mobile SOA architecture.
► Allow business processes to be executed on
the mobiles.
► Service based communication mechanism.
► Allow disconnected access to Enterprise
and Business Enterprise
SOA Architecture by SAP
► Features
 Lightweight and a framework which minimizes
the data transferred to and stored on the
devices by using knowledge of business process
and data access.
 Highly compressed XML format to transfer and
store data.
 SOAP message compression.
 Pro-active loading of data from server.
 Asynchronous connectivity to back-end system.
Business Data Delivery
► Business
Object – An entity of significance
to a business model which acts as a service
provider and also a service consumer.
► Data pruning and partial copies of business
objects needed for mobile clients.
Mobile Architecture
Mobile Architecture
► Features
 Uses RDF documents to transmit business
objects to the client side, making it light weight.
 Pre-deployment knowledge of business object
data structure and usage along with occurrence
 On demand data exchange is performed for
long offline periods.
Mobile Architecture
► Features
 Consists of Core Services and Composite
 Mobile client is a set of OSGi components
exposing their functionality as services
published in OSGi registry.
Mobile Architecture
► Security
Features and Considerations
 Asymmetric key encryption scheme works very
slowly on mobile phones.
 Asymmetric encryption to be used only for most
sensitive information.
 Symmetric key encryption for all other
Mobile Architecture
► Pro-Active
Data Feeding
 Analyze user transaction patterns and collect
statistics to store them in user profiles.
 Client demand forecast method for predicting
use of next business objects/operations by
 Push relevant information as much as possible
to client when the connection is active.
Is that all?
Microsoft is never behind!!
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Service Oriented, fully integrated customer
relationship management (CRM) system.
► Marketing: A clearer view of customers and more
informed marketing investments
► Sales: Get more leads and close more business
► Customer service: Provide more value to
Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Architecture
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
► The
true test of whether an architecture is
feasible is when an application is built on it.
► However we do not have any application on
this framework by SAP 
► We do have Microsoft Mobile CRM!!
Microsoft Mobile CRM
► Statistics
 Completely developed in C#.
 Has 150K lines of code, ~40KB on Pocket PC with .NET
Compact Framework.
 Includes metadata-driven business logic, user interface,
and message schemas.
 Has 4 SQL CE databases, ~40 tables. Transactions
coordinated across databases. Schemas updated on the
fly when metadata changes.
 Uses Web services and asynchronous messaging built
on SQL CE RDA Protocol.
Microsoft Mobile CRM
► Features
 Ability to work either in a connected or disconnected
 CRM Mobile is easy to use, customize, and maintain.
 Offers users rich account and opportunity management
 Provides salespeople with up-to-date information about
their accounts and contacts, and helps them manage
sales opportunities and track sales-related activities.
Microsoft Mobile CRM
CWR Mobile CRM
a firm based out of Netherlands
specializing in developing mobile solutions
for business applications
► A powerful CRM application built on top of
Microsoft Dynamics CRM which is a SOA and
Metadata driven rich CRM framework.
► Application