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Administration Actions
Lab to Market
Miscellaneous Initiatives
R&D Budget (2015 & 2016)
Congressional Actions
General & DOE-focused
FLC Initiatives
FLC Bus, Virtual Meeting
L2M: Overview
(From L2M Summit to CAP Goals)
■ White House Cross Agency Priority Goals
(President’s Management Agenda)
- CAP Goal #7: Lab to Market
■ L2M Cap Goal Action Plan
“This action plan is a flexible framework, calling on agencies to tailor
and prioritize Lab-to-Market activities specific to their missions,
capabilities, and authorities.” (See performance.gov and
L2M Action Plan and Status)
L2M CAP Action Plan Framework:
■ Developing Human Capital
■ Empowering Effective Collaborations
■ Opening R&D Assets
■ Fueling Small Business Innovations
■ Evaluating Impact
Other Administration Initiatives
(With FLC Engagement)
Patents for Humanity is an awards competition for aiding the
less fortunate, by rewarding the use of patented technologies to
solve global challenges
WIPO-Green is an interactive marketplace that promotes
innovation and diffusion of green technologies by connecting
technology and service providers with those seeking innovative
Accelerating green technology transfer to impact American lives
highlights the FLC Available Technologies search tool (and
many examples of ‘green’ tech transfer). (White House blog
post; Paul Zielinski, FLC Chair, co-author)
Source: AAAS
Federal R&D Budget
(FY 2015 Proposed)
“[Speaker] Boehner told reporters that the House will pass a short-term
continuing resolution to keep the government open sometime in
September, avoiding a government shutdown that would otherwise
occur on the last day of the month. The legislation would likely expire in
early December, he said, punting decisions about the nation's
spending to a lame-duck Congress just after the midterm election.”
National Journal Daily, 7/25/14
Federal R&D Budget
(OMB 2016 S&T Budget Guidance)
FY 2016 S&T Budget Priorities (July 18)
“The priorities covered in this memo require investments in R&D; support
for activities, such as [STEM] education, technology transfer, R&D
facilities, and scientific data collection and management, that enable a
robust science and technology enterprise; and cooperation among
multiple Federal agencies.”
Multi-agency Priorities:
Advanced manufacturing
Clean energy
Earth observations
Global Climate Change
IT and high-perf computing
National and homeland security
R&D for informed policy-making
Federal R&D Budget
(OMB Management Agenda: CAP Goals and 2016 Budget)
Management Agenda Priorities for FY 2016 Budget (July 18)
“The President's Management Agenda seeks to improve the way that
Government works and delivers for citizens. It is guided by four pillars:
efficiency, effectiveness, economic growth, and people and culture. The
Management Agenda is being executed through eight distinct
Management Cross-Agency-Priority Goals that fall under these four
pillars. …. For each selected goal, we have identified targeted areas
for additional information that agencies should address in their
budget submissions.”
CAP#7: Economic Growth - Lab to Market: “Increase the
economic impact of Federally-funded research and development
by accelerating and improving the transfer of new technologies
from the laboratory to the commercial marketplace”
Congressional Actions
(113th Congress)
Multiple proposals potentially affecting tech transfer activities (related to STTR
and tech commercialization, DOE tech transfer, use of prize competitions, tech
commercialization pilot program at NSF, other).
DOE Mod Act
HR 5120
Passed House (to S.)
HR 4869
Ref. House SST
S 2129
Ref. Senate ENR
S 1973
Ref. Senate ENR
HR 2981
8/13 (amended)
Ref. House SST&SB
HR 1711
Ref. House SST
Congressional Actions
(DOE-centric proposals)
Common Components (partly derived from ITIF Turning the
Page report (2013):
Reorganization (creating new UnderSec for Science and Energy or creating
new Office of Advanced Research, Tech Transfer, and Innovation in Energy OARTTIE) with tech transfer responsibilities;
Est. commission to review T2 program and make recommendations;
Carry out an Agreements for Commercializing Technology (ACT) pilot
based on program developed in 2011
Delegate signature authority to lab directors for agreements under $1M.
Allow lab directors to use funds for early-stage and pre-commercial
demonstration activities to demonstrate commercial potential of technologies
Allow DOE-funded researchers to participate in I-Corp (NSF) or establish a
DOE T2-Corps (modeled on I-Corps)
Search for a
facilities and
equipment or a
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