Transition Alliance – One Plan
14 April DsPH Meeting
Better Care Better Health Better Life
Public Health and Local Government
The NHS North West approach to Public Health and Local Government reform has three
main objectives:
i) Work in partnership with Local Government to create the new architecture of Health and
Wellbeing Boards in each of 23 upper tier Local Authorities across the North West and
develop Local Government’s strategic leadership role.
ii) Lead the development of the new Public Health system across the North West
encompassing Local Government, Public Health England, GP Commissioning Consortia
and NHS Commissioning Board.
iii) Hold the ring on health and social care integration, personalisation and key policy
areas such as dementia and safeguarding for children and adults.
Agreement has been reached with Local Government to establish a Transition Alliance.
The Alliance will bring together Local Government and health leaders from across North
West to co-produce and deliver development programmes which enable transition to the
new system and integrate with commissioning consortia development.
Better Care Better Health Better Life
Transitional Alliance – One Plan
Health and Wellbeing, Social Care, Public Health - Transitional Alliance Structure
Transition Alliance Board
Transitional Alliance
Steering Group
Accountable Officers)
Health & Wellbeing Board
& Commissioning
H&WB Coordinator
JSNA/Strategy Lead
Health Watch Lead
Children Focus Lead
Intelligence Support
Delivering the new system
for the health of the public
Designing and delivering of
new PH Functions
Encourage innovation and
rapid adoption in Public
(commissioned work)
Leadership and
Commissioned work
from LG for :
- elected members
- leadership team in
- PH staff
Better Care Better Health Better Life
Personalisation Lead
Market Provider development
Wellbeing Service
Independence at home
Holding the Ring
Sector led
Key interface on
policies: dementia, LD,
Carers, Autism
Safeguarding –
Transition Alliance - 1
Health and Well Being Boards and Commissioning Development
Support the development of 23 Health and
Wellbeing Boards
Facilitate a programme of sector led development, which complements the
national early implementer programme, based on the priorities identified in
February exchange event…..effective governance arrangements, clarity of
purpose, strong membership, clear accountability arrangements, links with
scrutiny and affective working arrangement with GP commissioning consortia
Lead the development of new Healthwatch
arrangements in the NHS North West.
Working with CQC, build on existing networks to support practice development
and exchange, establish community of practice and develop role and
commissioning arrangements.
Develop and spread best practice on Joint
Strategic Needs Assessment and Health
and Wellbeing Strategies
Clarify the nature of the “new” JSNA. Assess stage of development, early thinking
and key issues for each locality. Commission toolkits and focused development
Health and Social Care Integration
Arrange a Policy Briefing in March for the sector leadership
SHA to agree a performance framework for clusters in 2011/12
The ADASS / AQUA whole system programme.
Focus on children and young people
Support commissioning for children and young people across health and well
being boards through dissemination of children and young people commissioning
Better Care Better Health Better Life
Transitional Alliance - 2
Delivering the new system for the Health of the public
Designing and delivering the
new Public Health Functions
• Commission insight work a develop deeper understanding of local authority perspectives
on new health system opportunities and threats by May 2011.
• Work with local government to create a narrative describing the new local system for
public health at local level by October 2011.
Encourage innovation and
rapid adoption in Public
• Deliver programme of capacity building in Large Scale Change (LSC) methodology
Training of LSC Coaches in June 2011
Development of LSC 2nd Academy by Jul 2011
LSC Academy workshops to be held in Sept 2011, Nov 2011 and Feb 2012
• Establish and support group of LSC champions - up to March 2012)
• Provide coaching and expertise to a number of LSC projects; to include alcohol, and
A network of LSC Coaches will be trained in June 2011
• Develop and encourage use of new social media by providing training, specialist support
and set of standard guidelines.
• Support exemplar projects for asset based community development, share practice,
evidence and evaluations.
• Support exemplar projects for behaviour change, in particular those utilising ‘nudge’
techniques, working closely with DH.
Better Care Better Health Better Life
Transitional Alliance - 3
Leadership and Workforce Development
Develop the leadership role for
health of elected members
Leadership Teams – capacity to
manage the Transition
• Building on the joint leadership development that has already taken place
at Chief Executive level. Programme developed and delivered by October
• Facilitated support to tailor an offer that meets their specific needs and
– Shared vision
– Developing a strategy for workforce integration
– Developing a shared leadership culture
– Developing collaborative leadership across boundaries
Supporting the new role for Local
Authority and transfer of staff
• 3 x part-time posts, seconded from local authorities to work alongside the
existing public health workforce leads based within the 4 public health
network (one for Cumbria and Lancashire networks)
Programme delivered by September 2011
Lead members programme supported in year
5 in-depth analysis of scrutiny practice in –year
Best practice product by April 2012
• Develop programme for public health staff moving into local authorities to
introduce different organisational culture and ways of working by June
Better Care Better Health Better Life
Transitional Alliance - 4
Personal Budgets in Health and
Social Care (Children and Adults)
and the use of Continuing Health
Targeted support across localities for “Think Local Act Personal”
Support the NHS pilot sites in the development of personal health budgets
Maintain the network of personalisation leads
Establish a platform for joint shared learning across the region
Support and learn from the right to control pilot in GM
Support a review of the use of CHC
Market Development
Supporting independence at home
–market development as a critical
agenda for choice
• Set out the agenda for provider market development and innovation in
services to support people to live independently at home
• Identify best practice regionally and across the country
• Building on existing supplier networks and with locality commissioning
• Provide shared practice opportunities
• Support the market in gaining good intelligence on transition
• Focus on well Being be-spoke services
• 5 sub-regional events to engage with the market in practice and transition
Better Care Better Health Better Life
Transitional Alliance - 5
Holding the ring
Sector Led Improvement
•Support the development of new LGG led arrangements for sector led
•Secure the public health agenda in new arrangements
•Hold assets – knowledge and networks that may support the new
New arrangements for sector led support managing poor performance and
policy implementation
•Leadership to share practice and developments on safeguarding in transition
•Build on existing networks to support a dialogue across children, adults and
GP Consortia on safeguarding issues
•Support the MCA DOLS network
3 regional wide opportunities to share practice ( 1x before April 2011, 2 before
April 2012
•Practice exchange across Safeguarding Boards
•On-line resources
•Community of practice in place by May 2011
Holding the ring for the following
Policy areas
National expectations will be delivered in each of following themes set
out in operating framework.
Learning Disability
Carers Strategy
Better Care Better Health Better
PH Transition Oversight and Executive Groups - 6
Delivering the new system for the Health of the public
Local Transition of PH
•Ongoing review of local PH transition draft plans with sign off of all PH transfer plans by
March 2012
•Agree with localities milestones for shadow arrangements by June 2011
•One to one meetings with DsPH to agree transition milestones - April to June 2011
•CEs of Clusters and LAs to develop a joint governance plan for PH
•by June 2011.
Support for PH in
• Workforce transition group established February 2011 which will during period up to end
of March 2012:
• Support the transfer arrangements of staff to local authorities e.g identify key issue and
• Work with localities to ensure sufficient public health skills are available to support the
DsPH, commissioners, and communities
• Complete mapping of current staff employed in PCT public health departments and share
information with key partners by end March 2011 pilot similar mapping in Las
• Mapping of PH skills and training organisations for LAs
• Identify
and share
PH models
in LAs
Better Care Better
PH Transition Oversight and Executive Groups - 7
Delivering the new system for the Health of the public
Maintaining focus on PH
Public Health vital signs monitored through transition and reported on at
governance for a
The 4 Public Health networks at sub regional level maintain delivery of lifestyle
programmes e.g obesity management during transition
Effective region wide collaborations through Drinkwise NW and Smoke free
NW (previously supported via programme funding and PCTs) continued
PCT prevention spend audit repeated in July 2011 (for 10/11 financial year) and
consider similar approach for LAs.
Working in partnership with the Audit Commission to produce a governance
self-assessment checklist to support Local Authorities in developing their new
health and wellbeing responsibilities by May 2011.
Ensure robust arrangements for health protection are in place in the new
service and system
Public Health Intelligence Transition Project to scope and articulate what the
system might need to look like in the context of the changing public health and
NHS structures by August 2011
Maintain and ensure effective communication with staff and stakeholders
Better Care Better Health Better Life
Health Visiting: the Call to Action – the Healthy Child Programme - 8
Baseline review undertaken 2010 and
shared with personalised report to PCT
and Providers
Programme commissioned by SMT that
replicates the national programme
Host for programme director agreed –
Liverpool Community Health – currently
NHS North West plan developed using two
• Training Expectation based on h/c
with caseload
• Establishment growth based on
weighted under 5 population
Three Early Implementer Sites identified (2
DH/1SHA supported)
New sites for FNP requested planned 14
new and 4 to replace Stockport
All PCT plans reviewed and RAG rated
Future supply sources identified and
developed with HE partners
Health Visitor Summit – 21st June 2011
Full implementation plan
Better Care Better Health Better
PCT training targets for 2011-2012
(25% regional target of 594
trainees to meet 422 FTE)
Assuring Delivery – Public Health & Local Government
Department of Health
Regional Leaders Board
David Behan
NW Regional Transition
Chair: Howard Bernstein
David Harper
Anita Marsland
David Nicholson
NHS North West
Transition Alliance Board
Chair: Joyce Redfern
Transition Alliance
Steering Group
PH Transition Oversight Group
Chair: Ann Hoskins
PH Transition Executive Group
Chair: Ann Hoskins
Better Care Better Health Better Life

Transition Alliance for Health & WellBeing