Arris Water
Research and Development Program for
SA Small Business Innovation Research
Pilot Program for Phosphorus Recovery
Arris delivers - Our Expert Team
Ben Kele
[email protected],
m: +61 407 268 069
Jim Kelly
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m: +61 427 821 625
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Arris Water
• Small business formed from University
research outcomes
•Maintained a strong research focus
• Currently sponsoring 3 post-graduate
•Also providing industry placement
positions for students working on minithesis components of subjects
Arris delivers - Research
• Non-typical wastewater or water problems benefit from thorough and
detailed research programs.
• Arris Water conducts research in the mining, industrial and residential
• Arris has the capacity to undertake research independently or our strong
links to the Central Queensland University and the Waite Campus of the
University of Adelaide facilitate collaborative research approaches.
• Arris is committed to research and education in the water sector.
Volcanic media research
Tube trials conducted with different
types of volcanic media to determine
water treatment performance.
Arris delivers - Research
• Arris has focused its research on providing ‘fit-for-purpose’ recycled
• This has involved the removal of various contaminants of concern
• Arris is researching novel techniques for the capture and recycling of
phosphorus from treated effluent.
• Our research projects commonly involve agricultural irrigation
Agricultural Production Research
In-field lettuce trials.
Arris delivers – Phosphorus Recovery
• The Arris research program will be
completed in 4 phases
• Removal of P from treated water
• Regeneration of recovery media
• Evaluate Ion Exchange
• Assess P-bioavailability
Phosphorus Bioavailability
CSIRO research has changed the understanding of
what P is bioavailable
P that has traditionally thought of as unavailable,
has been shown to be in fact available over time
when no other P sources are present
Compounds include CaPO4 precipitates,
Increased availability is believed to be is to be
driven by increased root interception and exuding
of root complexing compounds
Pot Trials Protocol
Identify P responsive soils
Add P compounds/products identified in P removal research (phase 1)
Seeking soils with low cation exchange capacity
P response curves will be developed using TSP
P additions will be matched to those developed in P response curve study
Plot out wheat plants
Grow for 5 weeks
Total P
Haun Growth Stage
Discussion Issues
Microbiological quality of water – C2 laboratory
Ideal end use of treated water
Access to treated water
– Post activated sludge
– Pre activated sludge
Arris delivers –
Coal Seam Gas and mining water solutions
• Arris has developed technology that can reduce the Sodium Adsorption
Ratio (SAR) by over 95% while also significantly lowering the salinity.
• Arris can successfully decrease the concentrations of heavy metals and
• Arris, in conjunction with the CQUniversity, is conducting research into
the efficacy of its patented, trade-secret ion exchange technology for the
remediation of associated/co-produced water.
 Associated water may contain several contaminants of concern;
including sodicity, salinity, strontium, chlorides, bromide, boron,
various fraccing chemicals and fluoride.
Arris delivers –
Coal Seam Gas and mining water solutions
CSG & Mining Water Solutions
Coal Seam Gas Co-Produced Water Treatment Plant.
Arris Water

Jim Kelly presentation - University of Adelaide