Title (name) of amendment
Date the amendment was passed
Slide #2
• Copy and paste the actual words of the
• You can use your book or the following
Slide #3
• Write a brief summary of the amendment
• Also include a graphic or picture of the
amendment on this slide!
Slide #4
• Give an example of how this amendment is
used today. How do we see it working today?
• Include a picture of how we see it today.
Slide #5
• Make a list of the Pros (good things) about the
• Must have at least 5
Slide #6
• Make a list of the cons (or bad things about
the amendment.
• Must have at least 3
Slide #7
• If you could, how would you change this
• You have to come up with a change, can’t say I
wouldn’t change anything.
Slide #8
• Create a timeline that shows when the
amendment was proposed and how much
time it took until it was passed or ratified.
• One last picture or graphic of your
amendment included on this slide!!
Slide #9
• Review Question over amendment
Slide #10
• Extra Credit: MUST answer all!!
– Why was this amendment added to the
– How do you know the amendment works?
– What group of people does this amendment affect
the most and why?

Title (name) of amendment