By :
• Readina Ulta
• Intan Mirantia
Recount Text
The social function of Recount text is to retell past
event or something which happened in the past. The
purpose of this text can be only to inform or even just to
entertain. Derewianka (1990) identified three types of
Recount text, namely Personal Recount, Factual Recount,
and Imaginative Recount.
– Personal Recount exposes an event in which the writer
or the author got involved or acted in the event himself.
Belong to this type among others are daily funny
incidents, entries of a diary, etc.
– Factual Recount is a note of an event, such as scientific
experiment report, police report, newspaper report,
history explanation, etc.
– Imaginative Recount is an unreal event or story, like
reading texts for language lesson, a story about a life of
a slave, etc.
• Social Function : to tell events for the purpose of
informing or entertaining
• Generic Structure
Orientation : provides the setting and introduces the
: tell what happened in what sequence
Reorientation : optional – closure of events
• Significant Lexicogrammatical Features :
Use of past tense
Focus on temporal sequence
Noun and noun phrases
An Example of Recount Text
Generic Structure
Going to Pangandaran Beach
Vigor and Ryan are brothers. They live in Klaten regency. Last Monday
evening they went to Pangandaran Beach in West Java on their holiday.
They left on Monday evening by bus, because they hoped that they could
arrive at Pangandaran area on Tuesday morning.
Series of Events
They found a hotel first on their arrival in this point of interest. They had
a rest while enjoying the beautiful beach and after that they visited Nature
Reserve Cangkungan and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the restaurant. In
the afternoon they swam at Pananjung.
On the second day at their visit they went to Karang Nini and Batu Hiu.
On Thursday they went to Grand Canyon and Batu Layar in Parigi. They
came back from Pangandaran to Klaten on the following day.
They didn’t buy anything for their souvenirs, but they took many
pictures to remind them about their visit to Pangandaran.
They felt very tired, but they were very happy.
Last Sunday my friend and I went to Lake
Kintamani in Bali. The water was clean, the
temperature was cool and there were trees
surrounding the lake.
The next day we visited Tanah Lot. We took
pictures of the temple. The scenery was amazing.
There was holy water beside the rocky hill and there
was a hole occupied by a big snake which was
considered sacred by the local people.
On Tuesday, we went to Sangeh where many wild
monkeys walked freely and climbed the trees. In the
afternoon we went home.
1. What is the text about?
a. The beauty of Bali
b. Wild monkeys in Sangeh
c. Tanah Lot and the scared snake
d. Lake Kintamani and its surrounding
e. Visiting bali’s tourist resort
2. How long did the writer stay in Bali?
a. One day
b. Two days
c. Three days
d. Four days
e. Five days
3. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?
a. Tanah Lot scenery is unattractive
b. The temperature in Lake Kintamani is hot
c. The Balinese believe that the big snake is scared
d. It is believed that the water of Kintamani’s lake is scared
e. There are many monkeys walking and climbing the trees freely in
Some friends and I went to Yogyakarta for a vacation.
We had our vacation soon after the school exam was over.
We chose to go to Yogyakarta because we thought that the
place was nice and the people were friendly. In addition, some
friends told me that it had a lot of places of interests.
We left for Yogyakarta early in the morning, and we took
Pramex train that departed at 08.00. we got off in the Tugu
railway station, and headed to Malioboro for some food and
drinks. After we had a walk around the place for minutes, we
took a taxi and headed to the beach. It was Parangtritis Beach
which is well known for everybody for its legend of Roro Kidul.
We played with ater and enjoyed the beauty of the waves
reaching the seashore. We stayed there for a day before finally
we decided to be back to Malioboro.
We were very happy to spend a day playing with water and
enjoy the natural beauty of the beach. We left Malioboro at a
quarter to four and went back home by Pramex train that
departed at 4.00.
1. How did they go to Yogyakarta?
a. Taxi
b. Pramex train
c. Bus
d. Car
e. Parangtritis train
2. When did they leave Malioboro?
a. At 08.00
b. At 04.00
c. At 03.45
d. At 04.45
e. At 04.15