Incredible increase in Karyn
White’s Fanbase + People
talking about Karyn’s Page
Stats are looking fabulous! I was a little concerned about that high number of people
talking about this “243,808”. I was concerned that this was some sort of bot or that
someone hacked the site. BUT: Fortunately, this is all organic traffic and I explain to you
where this high number comes from. Which is great!
CHECK THIS OUT! We hit the jackpot with this one post about strong women! We have
reached over 1 million people with the post and we had 247,133 people engaging in the
post, 220,530 people talking about this.
The comments are real, the likes are real. This is crazy!
MICHAEL: this is the way to go!
We need to create more posts like this one.
Radio Campaign
I ran a ppc for the cities Augusta, Oklahoma, Tulsa.
4,605 people reached, 14 clicks.
I connected with all the Radio stations and posted on their wall.
The Radio posts work really well. Usually between 100-250 likes.
We have reached about 3-4k people with one Tweet.

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