Write a Character
Analysis of a
Start here and
Finish at home!
• Your job is to write a welldeveloped paragraph about
ONE of the ADULTS that run
Camp Green Lake.
• You need to persuade me that
the character you chose is truly
a villain.
1. Brainstorm with the class about the 3 possible
2. Select a villain to write about.
3. Select 3 or more character traits from our list.
4. Use the graphic organizer to record details and
examples from the text that support your traits.
You will hand this in!
4. Gather information! You must have at least 2 lines
from the story, along with page numbers and
paragraph to prove that your character is truly a
Steps cont…
5. Create a topic sentence that states your
opinion about the villain you have chosen.
6. Write the body of your paper. Include
examples, commentary, page and
paragraphs etc. Remember to prove your
character is a villain!
7. Conclude your paragraph with a sentence
that refers back to the topic sentence.
8. Replace, Add, Delete- revise, and edit!
9. Finally, write the final draft of the paragraph!
Traits list
Graphic organizer…
Character Traits worksheet
Mr. Sir
Outline for Persuasive Essay
A. State your subject and your intention in writing about it.
B. Name at least 3 traits that prove your character is a villain.
A. Restate the first character trait.
B. Write sentences that give examples and details that support this. Include
page and paragraph numbers when using a quotation for textual evidence.
C. Restate the second character trait.
D. Write sentences that give examples and details that support this. Include
page and paragraph numbers when using a quotation for textual evidence.
E. Restate the third character trait.
F. Write sentences that give examples and details that support this. Include
page and paragraph numbers when using a quotation for textual evidence.
G. If you have any more traits, continue the pattern.
A. Restate the subject of your essay.
B. Summarize how these traits support your point of view.
C. Conclude with a summary of your opinion.
The Warden in the book Holes is a true villain because she is cruel,
frustrated and bossy. The Warden is cruel. For example, she scratched Mr.
Sir. On page 91, “she stepped toward him and struck him across the face.”
There was no reason to scratch Mr. Sir; it was just out of the blue. In addition,
the Warden is frustrated. One time she stabbed Armpit with a pitchfork. On
page 78, “The Warden jabbed at Armpit with a pitchfork, knocking him
backward into the big hole.” Whey did she stab Armpit; he just had to go to the
bathroom. Finally, the Warden is bossy. The Warden told, didn’t ask, she told
Mr. Pendanski to fill Stanley’s canteen. On page 67, the Warden said “the next
time I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it without questioning my
authority.” The Warden is so bossy but why doesn’t she listen to what they
have to say instead of just forcing it. The Warden has been a true villain
because she struck, stabbed, jabbed, and yelled at people. She does all these
mean things to the kids and the employees, so she is a true villain.
R.L. 4.6 ( 4th grade sixth month)
Mr. Sir is a sadistic villain wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses and an evil
looking rattlesnake tattoo. He craves torturing the kids at Camp Green
Lake. As soon as Stanley arrives at Green Lake, which isn’t a lake at all
but a desert, Mr. Sir informs him, “this isn’t a girl scout camp.” He also
shows his evil nature by stating, “You thirsty? You better get used to it.”
Many days have passed and Stanley’s mouth feels like it’s in Limbo from
thirst. When Stanley puts his canteen out for Mr. Sir to fill it with water, he
points the nozzle at the ground and lets it pour. As you can see, his
mercilessness has begun to show. Another example of Mr. Sir’s
wickedness is when he attacks a boy, pinning him on the wall and
strangling him. His words come out like bullets when he accuses the boy of
making fun of his swollen face, “Is something wrong with my face?” he
bellows. Mr. Sir is a ruthless character in this story, and if I were Stanley, I
would be terrified of him and want to run away just because of him. Thank
goodness, his evil ways cease and the kids at Cam Green Lake stop
suffering because of the wicked antagonistic Mr. Sir.
Mr. Pendanski
Mr. Pendanski from the novel Holes, is like a rattlesnake with no rattles.
He is dangerous but he does not warn the boys of his cruelty. I think that he is
the real villain in the story. He keeps insulting Zero’s intelligence. At the
beginning of the story on page 19, paragraph 3, when Stanley first comes to
Camp Green Lake, Mr. Pendanski says, “You know why his name is Zero?
Because there is nothing inside his head.” It was a clear putdown. He
continues through the story. Also, on page 137, paragraph 15 he says, “You
might as well try to teach this shovel to read. It’s got more brains than Zero.”
Finally, he causes Zero to run away from camp. On page 139, paragraph 3, he
says, “Zero’s too stupid to learn to read.” It is the last straw for Zero. He
assaults Mr. Pendanski with the shovel and escapes to sure death in the desert
rather than face Mr. Pendanski’s awful comments. What makes these
comments worse is that Mr. Pendanski is the counselor of the camp, the person
who is supposed to make the prisoners better people, the person who is
supposed to make them stronger to face the real world, the person who they
are supposed to confide in and rely on. They even call him “Mom” because he
is supposedly supportive and kind. He certainly is not that person for Zero! He
sneaks up on Zero every chance he gets and degrades his intelligence. I think
that Mr. Pendanski is a worse villain than Mr. Sir or the Warden. At least they
do not pretend to be nice. They shake their rattlesnake tails and let the inmates
know their sinister characters. Mr. Pendanski is a silent danger.
Villain essay 3
In the book Holes by Louis Sachar, the number one villain is the Warden who is evil,
dangerous, selfish and disrespectful.
First, the Warden is evil because she treats her clients in a rude and sometimes
verbal manner. The clients are adolescent boys who are in a camp run by the Warden because
they have committed a crime. On page 78, Armpit (one of the boys) is questioned by the Warden
on where he has been. He said, “I had to…you know..go.” The next thing Armpit knew, without
any sign or warning, the Warden jabs him in the chest with a pitchfork. This is one of the assaults
she has done that has left blood. Three holes remained in his shirt with tiny drops of blood. The
Warden is not respectful to children and others around her.
In addition, the Warden is very dangerous. Don’t doubt her just because she is a
woman. Even though she wears bright nail polish, it doesn’t mean she is a happy lady. The nail
polish is made of rattlesnake venom. On pg. 91, as the Warden paints her nails with the fresh
venom, she makes Mr. Sir, one of the adults, “…jerk violently, and he let out a shrill scream…”
What lead to this was Mr. Sir complaining about his missing sunflower seeds, so she scraped him
on the cheek with her fingernails. This is showing how the Warden doesn’t play around.
Third, the Warden is a nasty person and selfish. On page 73, her impatience and
greed causes her to ask, “Can’t you work any faster?” Also above that statement it says, “By
lunch time the Warden was beginning to lose her patience.” This proves that the Warden is
obsessed and looking for something. At the end of paragraph two on page 73, the Warden replies
to X-Ray, “We need your sharp eyes.” The Warden threatens everyone at camp so that she can
take advantage of then and receive whatever it is she is looking for.
Last, the Warden is disrespectful. One of the boys named Zero who is very shy, has
to listen to the cruel criticism surrounding him. On page 134 she tests Zero on what he has
learned from Stanley who is teaching him to read. She says, “…surely you can remember that.”
This sounds like the Warden is trying to tease Zero because he can not read or write. She spells
out four words for him but he can only pronounce three of them. Zero felt humiliated when people
laughed at him.
In conclusion, the Warden in the book Holes is evil, dangerous, selfish, and
5. Write Final! Due in 2 days!!!
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