Food Advertising Techniques
The Facts
 Most tv stations, magazines &
newspapers rely on ads to
make their money
 Average tv commercial is 30
 Average child watches 10,000
food advertisements per year
 Only 2% of ads seen are for
fruit and veggies
 Convenience food &
candy companies spend
the most on ads, over 2
billion dollars a year
 30 secs of advertising
during the Super Bowl in
2010 was $2.6 million
($86,666 a sec)
Etrade Super Bowl Ad
Brand Characters
 Food companies create characters to attract kids to their
 Gives products a friendly face that kids can relate to
 Captain Crunch, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Snap Crackle
& Pop
Rice Krispies Characters
Catchy sayings and tunes to encourage
customers to think of their products
Short, catchy, repetitive, simplistic and
easy to remember
“It’s a honey of an O…”
“Silly Rabbit…are for kids!”
Food Photography
Food stylist and photographers are paid to
make food look good
Want to make you hungry just by looking
at the ad
Food is not always as it seems
Premiums: free gift with proofs of
purchase or points collection
Sweepstakes: contests (details are inside
package, so consumer must buy if they
want to enter)
Kid’s Clubs: membership cards,
newsletters and special offers