Psychology Extra Credit
Brooke Merrow
([email protected])
Research Participation
Research participation can add extra credit
toward your final grade in this class.
 Pre-test Survey
 Study Participation
1 Hour = 1 Sona System credit
Example: Pretest = 1hr = 1 Sona System credit
1 Sona System credit = ? (check your syllabus)
What is Research?
Not your typical extra credit busy work
Actual studies that get published
Brings in funding to UW which helps lower
tuition fees
Study Participation
Create a User ID (email confirmation)
Smartphone App
Search for “SONA systems”
Currently available for iOS and Android operating systems
Study Participation
Details: e-mail reminders, receipts, etc.
You must be 17 years or older (email me if not)
If you sign-up for a study, you must show up or
cancel your spot!
If you don’t show up, you are taking spots away from your
fellow students
You are also dramatically inconveniencing the experimenter
strikes and you’re out
No longer able to earn credit through SONA
Pretest Survey Starts Next Week
8:00am Monday, February 9th to
9:00pm Sunday, February 22nd
It is very important that you do this, but you must do it
on your own time.
You will receive ONE credit hour for completing the Pretest
**You will NOT be eligible for MOST studies if you do not complete it during the week
it is available**
If you do miss the pretest, don’t panic, you will still be able to participate in some of
the studies.
Brooke is available by email or by appointment if you have any questions, and has
weekly office hours: Tuesdays from 9:30am-11:30am in BS 104.
Last Day to participate in Research:
Friday, May 8th
Pretest is only available for 2 weeks
You may check on how many credits you have earned by
logging into the Sona system at any point during the
Questions about a specific study should go to the researcher
in charge.
General questions should go to [email protected]

Psychology 1000 Research Requirement