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1. Conduct Market Research
• Understand your industry
• In-depth information on your clients
(income level, age, male/female
dominated), suppliers, competitors
• Market vs. Target Market
2. Prepare a Business Plan
Business bible
Helps put thoughts onto paper
Quality vs. Quantity
A business plan is created to best reflect you
and your company
• Mainly created for financing purposes –
however, good to have regardless
• SBEC can help!!!!!
E. R. Monaco
Business Plan
E. R. Monaco
Business Plan Competition
What is the purpose of the Business Plan
It gives students and young entrepreneurs the opportunity
 Develop business skills through the development of
professional business plans.
 Develop presentation, networking, interpersonal and
team-building skills.
 Receive guidance and feedback on their proposed venture
idea, and gain outside perspective on its viability.
 Be recognized by organizations within the geographic
E. R. Monaco
Business Plan Competition
Who can compete?
Students attending high school within the HamiltonWentworth District School Board and Hamilton-Wentworth
Catholic District School Board who are between 15 to 20
years old
Students will create their own business scenarios and
ensure that all components of the business plan are
Students must create a start-up business (not existing or
Business plans will be submitted to the SBEC by May 2014
Business plans will be evaluated by local volunteer
professionals and the top participants will be invited to the
Hamilton E. R. Monaco Business Plan Competition finals
in June 201.
E. R. Monaco
Business Plan Competition
E. R. Monaco
Business Plan Competition
So, what did they get for their efforts?
All Top 20 students received gift bags filled
with business-related items: portfolios, pens,
and a lot more from our dedicated sponsors.
Monetary prizes:
1st Place: $ 500.00
2nd Place: $250.00
3rd Place: $100.00
4th Place: $75.00
5th Place: $50.00
Make Your Pitch
Are You…
•15 – 29
• A student returning to school in the fall
• A resident of Ontario
• A Canadian Citizen or landed immigrant
• Prepared to commit at least 12 weeks to the
Then you are potentially ELIGIBLE to participate in
the Summer Company program!!
To apply for Summer Company
you must:
•Prepare a business plan
• Fill out an application form online
• Submit everything to the SBEC
•Deadline: May 23, 2014
Sign an agreement with the
Ministry of Economic
Development, Trade &
Receive an award of up to
Take 12 hours of business
Then, you will:
Start and operate your own
summer business!
During the Summer you will…
•Run your business as planned
• Meet regularly with local a Mentoring Group at the
• Complete a survey on the experience
• Submit proof of return to school for the fall
• Receive the second award of up to $1,500 and a
certificate of completion
For the application and more information, please visit
If you have any questions about
starting a business or the programs
that I talked about,
please contact me at the:
Hamilton Small Business
Enterprise Centre
71 Main Street West
(City Hall)

ER Monaco Business Plan Competition Who can compete?