Lesson Three
A Good Samaritan
(Grammar in Use)
It takes + O + (time) + to V
 it 虛主詞,代替後面的不定詞(真主詞)
 take
 We
spent much time finishing the homework.
It took us much time to finish the homework.
 We
spent four hours driving back to Yunlin.
It took us four hours to drive back to Yunlin.
課本練習題 p.58 (A)
I will spend at least two weeks working on this difficult
→ It will take me at least two weeks to work on this difficult
2. We didn’t spend too much time completing this easy task.
→ It did not take us too much time to complete this easy task.
3. Tracy spent five days touring the city.
→ It took Tracy five days to tour the city.
4. I won’t be able to go to your party if I spend a long time
doing this experiment.
→ I won’t be able to go to your party if it takes me a long
time to do this experiment.
5. How much time do you usually spend preparing for your
final exams?
→ How much time does it usually take you to prepare for
your final exams?
課本練習題 p.58 (B)
It took them a week to fix my cell phone.
It will take him one year to pay off his creditcard bills.
It took the company three years to make
the movie.
…it will take us more than two hours to get
 與現在事實相反
If + S1 + were / V1-ed / Aux V1…, S2 + would /
could / should / might + V2…
ex: If I were you, I would pay Paris a visit.
ex: If it did not rain, we could go out camping.
If + S1 + had (not) Vpp…, S2 + should / would /
could/might (+not) + have Vpp… 現在完成式
ex: If she had not gone to swim in the sea, she
would not have been dead.
If + S + had (not) Vpp…, S + should / would /
could/might (+not) + have Vpp… 與過去事實相反
 與過去事實相反的假設語氣用法
 敘述內容與過去事實不符
 主要子句則用過去式助動詞 + 完成式
 if
 If
Ken had had enough money, his dream of
studying in France could have come true.
課本練習題 p.59
Polly didn’t go to bed early last night, so she was late for
school this morning.
→ If Polly had gone to bed early last night, she would not
have been late for school.
2. George helped Mary with her homework, so she could
finish it on time.
→ If George had not helped Mary with her homework, she
could not have finished it on time.
3. Albert didn’t wear a winter coat, so he caught a cold.
→ If Albert had worn a winter coat, he would not have caught
a cold.
4. It rained all day long, so we stayed at home.
→ If it had not rained all day long, we would not have stayed
at home.
課本練習題 p.60
If I had not gotten up late , I wouldn’t have
missed the school bus.
2. If I had had an umbrella with me , I wouldn’t
have got wet.
my teacher wouldn’t have
3. If I hadn’t been late, __________________.
been angry and punished me
4. If I had studied hard for the test, I
would not have failed it .
hadn’t forgotten to bring my money with me I
5. If I ____________________________,
could have bought the book

Lesson Three (Grammar in Use)