Leadership Certification
Level 1
“If a man does not know to
which port he is sailing,
no wind is favourable”
Seneca, circa 65AD
“A vision statement focus on
the direction of an organization
and what the organization
wants to accomplish. It is
inspirational, motivational, and
able to paint a picture of the
transition and the end product.
Values are the foundation of the
vision statement.”
“If you don’t know
where you’re going,
then you probably
won’t know when you
get there.”
Yogi Berra, 1963
A reporter once asked Helen Keller,
“Is there anything worse than being
“Oh, yes” she replied,
“Having sight but no vision!”
• The team has contributed some
excellent ideas
• The team has similar depth of
• The team has a sense of ownership
• The team is committed to the vision
and prepared to ensure it is
• It’s dynamic is the enthusiasm
it infuses
• Christ is the font of our best
imagination and vision
• When you have adequate quite
time before the altar of your
own trust in God, visions will
hold a strong place in your life
Pray and Reflect
• Ask for guidance by the
Holy Spirit
Ask God to speak to you through
His word
Commit yourselves and the work to Him
Ask for His vision to guide you
Ask Him where He wants you to go, and
what He wants you to do
Planning is bringing the future into the
present, so that you can do something about
it now
Gather information
• Information about the needs of
women in your local
community and church
• Information form Women’s
Ministries itself
• Your team itself as a source of
Analyse and Discuss Values
What is important and what should guide
your planning:
• Ensure that programs include women from
poorer homes
• Include programs for separated or divorced
women, young mothers, and maybe a
welcome baby program
Analyse and Discuss the Information
Now that you have set your values which
will guide your ministry, and a guiding
statement which is your mission statement,
it is time to examine the possibilities. This
is easily done via a brainstorm approach.
Give each team member five votes and have
them place them alongside the suggestions as
they see fit.
Consolidate and action plan
• Begin by obtaining a church calendar
• Use the prioritised suggestions and mark
them in on your calendar
Keep the vision alive
Some people don’t like
Make your goals realistic,
not ridiculous, and as you
achieve them you will want
to aim higher
Goals are about outcomes, not
Without a goal
against which to measure
our progress,we can
waste a lot of time
just being busy.
The power of a goal
Everyone’s efforts are focused
and concentrated on achieving
the goal; time spent on
anything not associated with
the achievement of the goal is
Need for equity
We need to ensure that people
are not left out because of:
Little children
Align the strategies with the
desired outcome
So in all our planning, we need
to first define exactly:
• What it is that we wish to achieve
• That the chosen strategies are the
most suitable to achieve those
desired outcomes
“What outcome do we want to
achieve?” And “What are we going
to do and how will we do it, to get
that outcome?”
Goals need to be measurable
Ways you can measure your
• Feedback sheets
• Numbers responding to the
opportunity for re-consecration
• Numbers participating in a
• It should relate closely to the work of
Women’s Ministries and what you would
like God to do through your team
It should be short
It should be clear, brief and to the point
It should clearly tell the reader what
your ministries are about

Visioning and Goal Setting.Lvl1