INVESTIGATION: Steps for Making Glue
PROBLEM: [Copy.]
What skills will I use to figure out the steps to make
useful glue?
HYPOTHESIS: [Make your own.]
1 set of instruction papers, 2 beakers, 1 plastic cup, 1
stirring rod, 1 scoopula, 1 funnel, 1 piece of filter paper,
1 watch glass with baking soda on it, 2 graduated
cylinders, 40 ml of skim milk, 10 ml of vinegar, 2 small
pieces of scratch paper
INVESTIGATION: Steps for Making Glue (continued)
[[Number from 1 – 9 skipping lines. Work together to
put the cards (steps) in order. Try out your order,
including gluing the paper together. If it doesn’t work;
clean it up and try again. Once you have the steps in
the correct order (you tested it out and it worked),
write them down.]
[As you try each step, #s 1 – 9, record a list of
organized observations that will help you determine
the correct order.]
INVESTIGATION: Steps for Making Glue (continued)
[Answer these questions: Were there any
patterns (repeated occurrences)? Try to put
your observations into groups of similar types
of observations. What kind of observations
helped you decide on the order of the steps? ]
[Was your hypothesis correct or not? How did
you know if it was correct? What could you do
differently? Summarize what you learned. ]
 1.
Pour about 40mL of skim milk into a
 2. Add about 10mL of vinegar and stir to
 3. Pour the mixture through a coffee filter
into the plastic cup.
 4. Use a plastic spoon to scrape off the
solid material that collects on the filter.
 5.
Place this third material into a beaker.
 6. Add a pea size amount of baking soda
to the beaker.
 7. Stir to mix.
 8. You have made natural glue!
 9. Try gluing two pieces of paper together
to see how well the glue works.

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