When the kids are thinking about trying to be like their parents, they are getting ready
to try on their parents clothes. This is interphase. When the kids take off their parents
clothes, this is the breaking down of the nuclear membrane. This step is the 1st step of
Mitosis, prophase. When the children get glued together, they get glued together by the
hands, they are split evenly between each other. The hand acts as the centromere,
splitting the sister chromatids, the children. The glue acts as the microtubules that
connect the two sister chromatids. The children call their friends, who act as the
centriosomes. They split up and go on either side of the children, acting as the
centriosomes. They then create the spindle fibers, the rope. They tie it to each children's
stomach, the kinetochores. This attaching is metaphase. They make sure the children are
aligned, they make the imaginary equator. They start pulling a little to see how hard it
would be to detach them. This is the beginning of anaphase, the cell is elongating
resembling an oval now. The friends finally detach the children, the DNA splits. This is
the beginning of telophase. The rope breaks, the spindle fibers turning into
microtubules. They put on new clothes, the nuclear envelope starts to form.