The Cell is like a truck because a truck has many
different parts and works the same way as a cell
A Nucleus is like a vehicle computer because the
computer controls everything the vehicle does.
The Cell Membrane is like a fuel filter because the
filter catches trash in it and lets the clean go
through. It only lets clean fuel go to the engine.
The Cell Wall is like a vehicle frame because the
frame supports the vehicle and gives it structure.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like a fuel line
because it carries gas to the intake.
The Golgi Apparatus is like a fuel pump because
the fuel pump pumps gas from the tank through
the gas line.
The Mitochondrion is like an engine because the
engine is what produces all the power.
The Vacuole is like a gas tank because the tank
stores the gas until it the vehicle needs it.
The Ribosome is like a piston/cylinder head
because this is where the fuel combusts and
produces power.
The plant cell has a cell wall for structure and support . This is located on
the outside of the cell.
The animal cell has a cytoskeleton for structure and support. This is
located on the inside of the cell, somewhat like our human skeleton.
A plant cell is always square and an animal cell can be any shape.
A plant cell goes through a process called photosynthesis and also cell
An animal cell only goes through cell respiration.
Plant cells have only one large, central vacuole.
Animal cells have many small vacuoles.