March 13th, 2014
Scope of Services
Packages and Goal Overview
Recommendations and Planning
Project Plan and Implementation
Typical Outcomes
Additional Services
Ongoing Support and Contact Information
Packages Overview
One of our packages can be tailored to fit your
needs, including:
• Business Tune Up
• Intensive Focus
• Start Up Services
• Turnaround Services
• Vertical Pivot Strategy
• Ongoing Strategy and Project
Implementation Support
Goal Overview
Do you need help with:
You want to work on your business, not in your business
– Strategies to pull away from owners working on client sites
Prepare fiscal budgets
– Finding out where your money is going and why
Goal Setting
– Setting SMART Goals with a plan to achieve them
Cash Flow
– Understanding cash flow is imperative to manageable growth
Finding and hiring the right talent
– Do you need a Marketer? Business Developer? HR? Which and When?
Exit strategies
– For those who want to build their companies up to sell
them in the future
Areas to Review
• Operations
MSA’s – SOW’s
Operational Expenses
CRM evaluation
• Accounting
Payroll Assessment
Fiscal Budget
Cash Flow Analysis
Line of Credit application
AR Assessment
• Marketing
– Marketing Plan
– Marketing Materials
– Website Design
• Management
Business Structure
Organizational Structure
Recruitment of specified skill sets
Goal Setting (SMART)
Monthly Objectives and Reports
Quarterly Objectives and Reports
• HR
– Employee/1099 Handbook
– Job Descriptions
• General
– Onboarding Process
– Prospecting
– Recruiting
(Phase 1, about 2-4 weeks)
Complete Assessment of current state of your Organization
• Executive Summary
• Assessments Preformed
– Financial, Organizational, Operational, Marketing, HR, etc.
• Methods Used – interview, observation, document analysis
• Current State
• Gap Analysis – between best practice and observed
• Cost to close Gaps
• Conclusion with Recommendations
Recommendations and Planning
(Phase 2, about 1 week)
Meeting with Executives to review
• Discuss Recommendations
– Decide which areas to address
– Prioritize Recommendations
• Create Project Plan
– Prioritizations
– Timeline
– Estimated Costs
• Approve Project Plan
• Set up meetings for milestones and tracking
– Usually 2-4 one hour meetings a week, for 6-8
(Phase 3, about 6-8 weeks)
Meeting with Executives to review Progress
• Review items, milestones, dependencies, and overall
• Much of the work occurs during this phase
• Some work may be assigned to client
Review of current clients
Review of MSA’s / SOW
Selection of Marketing Materials
Review and Approval of work completed by HIT Executive Consulting
during this phase
Typical or Expected Results and
Completion of agreed upon
Projects which may include:
• Goals
– Strategic, short and long term
• Executable Strategies
• Budget and Forecasting
– Product Lines
• AR Review
– Partnerships
• Review of Cash Flow and Capital
– Revenue Streams
needs for Growth
• Executive Training
• Website and Marketing Materials
– Team Building
– Negotiations
• HR review and implementation
– Business Ethics
Employee Handbooks, Job
• Complete and Implemented
Descriptions, Incentive/Comp
Market Plan
• Training for employees
– Communication
– Accountability
Additional Services
Recruiting for Identified Skill Sets– If we find an Executive, Business Developer, Recruiter, Consultant, or other identified
resource without using external resources, there is no additional fee!
Procuring Outside Funding for Growth – Based on company goals, looking to see if funding for Working Capital is needed
and assisting in obtaining funding through Private Equity, VC, or other alternative funding sources.
Leadership Development and Coaching – Grow as a leader, not just an executive, with our tailored Leadership Development,
Coaching, and Mentoring
Goal Setting, Metrics, and Strategy Development –Set achievable Goals, that are Measurable and Attainable!
Fiscal Analysis and Budget Development
– Review of historical financial figures and the development of a working Budget
Net Income Optimizer – Budget and AR review and recommendations to optimize Net Income and Cash Flow, with special
attention to Cash on Hand.
Assessing Growth Potential – Realistic analysis of your company’s potential; given financial, market and regulatory factors.
Marketing Assessment and Planning – Assessing the current market, your market strategy, ideal customer, setting goals and
strategies to achieve those goals.
Organizational Assessment – Review and recommendations for putting your people in the best position to perform including
accountability, communication, and team building.
Operational Assessment – Review of systems to optimize efficiency in Sales, HR, Contracting and more.
Industry Best Practice Guidance – Real dollars and percentages of what other companies of similar scope and size are
receiving from the market.
End of the Year Review – Review of Fiscal, Marketing, Operational, and Organization achievements and trends from the
previous year.
Fiscal Year Planning – Goal setting and strategies for the upcoming year, broken down into monthly objectives to meet the
overall Goal of your company.
Ongoing Support
Ongoing support is available on an hourly basis
after a project and allows for:
• Completion of additional projects
• Review of contracts and decisions
• Phone Support
• Review of Goals and Strategies weekly, monthly
and quarterly (including monthly financials)
• Operational Assistance
Ready for a change?
One of our packages can be tailored to fit your
needs, including:
• Business Tune Up
• Intensive Focus
• Start Up Services
• Turnaround Services
• HIT Vertical Pivot Strategy
• Ongoing Strategy and Project
Implementation Support
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