Founder of Tristar Taiji: Master Rong Li
Tristar Taiji and Health
Story of Tristar Taiji
Tristar Taiji originated 4,800 years ago from the culture of the ancient “Ba-Shuk” nation of the
Tristar Village in Sichuan, China. The “Ba-Shuk” natives recognized the importance of the
harmony of the “Heaven, Earth and Man”. The styles of Tristar Taiji are composed in accordance
with the basic rules of the Taiji martial arts and with the combination of the oriental healing arts of
meridian pressings and the inspiration by the stances of the valuable statues excavated by the
archeologists from the Tristar Village ruins. Tristar Taiji can be divided into 2 parts – “Gong” and
Cultural Significance of Tristar Village
These excavated statues found in the Tristar Village did show something peculiar and mystical
about their religion. The Ba-Shuk natives believed that by worshipping their gods of heaven and
earth, they would achieve good health and peace. During the rites of worship, they would perform
different stances of standing, squatting and by repeating these movements with concentration,
they would experience an energy that was generated and kept circulating throughout their bodies.
They could feel this flow of energy interact with Heaven and Earth, and through this interaction,
they achieved the healthy feelings of balance and tranquility in their body and soul. The Tristar
villagers were full of wisdom. They had learned about the circular concept of Yin-Yang
(complementary opposites) and the pattern of the Five Elements of life. Taiji is a spherical exercise.
From the stances of these excavated statues, we can see how they held out their arms in a
circular style. The way they stood and squatted showed that they had mastered the correct
postures of Qi exercises and became united with Heaven and Earth to materialize the “all in one”
and “one in all” concept. This kind of exercises became the early stages of practicing Qi Gong
(vital energy). The Tristar natives gathered together for worship and believed the force of energy
produced would integrate with the whole universe and be united as one. To be in the state of “all in
one” is regarded as the supreme state of perfection in modern Qi Gong and Taiji.
The Principles of Maintaining Good Health
Although Tristar Taiji originated from the historical culture of the Tristar Village, it
has the same theory as Taiji, Yin-Yang and the Five Elements which all follow the
same rule of nature’s path - the universe parallels humans in possessing the power
to refine the myriad creatures and humans parallel the universe in having the same
refining power.
They are interacting with each other under the same cosmic principles. Taiji means
“Supreme Ultimate” representing the primes of the universe. Every living creature
is born and will eventually die, formulating a beginning and an end. Day comes
and night goes and vice versa. This is all in a cycle. The nature of Heaven and
Earth is like a full circle of return, repeat, renew, and restore. Where there is
leaving; there is returning. Taiji is Yin-yang. Practicing Qi Gong and Taiji Quan will
help to balance and refine the flow of the Yin and Yang energy in the body.
The Principles of Maintaining Good Health (Continued)
Yang symbolizes motion, while Yin symbolizes stillness. When Yang acts to its limit,
there will be stillness and it becomes Yin and when stillness reaches its limit, it will
generate motion (Yang), complementing each other. Tristar Taiji is using
“ascending and descending”, “entering and leaving” movements to transform and
create the vital life energy throughout the body to achieve health and balance.
The Rationale of Tristar Taiji
The ancient philosophy of nature and traditional Chinese medicine are both based
on the rationales of “Taoism, I (I-Ching), and Chinese medicinal practice”, proving
the exercise of Qi as a vital energy in our body to maintain life. The Tao (Path)
teaching emphasizes: nothingness, quietness, and unity (one). It teaches us that
“the path gives birth to unity; unity gives birth to duality; duality gives birth to trinity;
and trinity gives birth to all creatures.” This is the root of all creations and the
principle of unifying the two opposing forces. “I” has Taiji which gives birth to two
modes. These two modes are the ultimatums of yin and yang, though opposites
but when interplayed with each other, it will develop and transform Qi to vitality and
have the same theory as in Taiji. Chinese medicine believes in “Jin, Qi, Shen” as
the Trinity. When practicing Qi Gong, the concentration of our mind will bring the
flow of energy, through the meridians, and reach to every vital part of our body to
enhance its function and improve the well-being of our body.
The theories of Tristar Taiji exercise
Tristar Taiji is divided into 2 parts – the Tristar Qi Gong and Tristar Taiji Quan. Both
are for the training and upgrading of our bodies and suitable for people with
different health conditions and requirements. The theories of Tristar Taiji include
up-down, left-right direction co-ordinations, balance awareness, opposing yet
harmonious oneness, roundness, hollow and solid transfers, the inside and outside
unity, alignment of the head, abdomen and feet, the co-ordination of shoulders,
joints, wrists, knee and heels, interlock system of the head, neck, shoulder, chest,
waist, abdomen, pelvis, knees and heels. The rhythm in the movements of the
upper, middle, and lower parts of the body will act as a controlling center
intereacting with our body’s different organs to maintain total healthiness and wellbeing.
How to utilize Tristar Taiji for the purpose of health,
prevention of diseases, and to help delay the deterioration
of body mechanisms and promote anti-aging of body cells
Tristar Taiji consists of Tristar Gong and Tristar Taiji Quan. Though these two
types of exercises are different, both are aimed at the maintenance of health.
These exercises can be made suitable to meet the various needs of each
individual and if it is practiced properly with concentration, one will achieve
maximum results.
Tristar Gong is the fundamental of Tristar Taiji, aiming to balance and harmonize the
functions of the body. The peculiar postures and stances of Tristar Gong with the proper
breathing methods will generate a vital force stimulating and renewing the body cells.
This action will help to upgrade the immune system and maximize the self-regulation of
the body cells to prevent diseases. The following 2 stances of Tristar Gong will explain
how they work
Wu-Ji Stance: This seems very simple and can be done easily. Stand and then slightly
squat down as if you were sitting down. The whole body should be in a loose position; no
force is necessary. If you are in this stance and the posture is correct, after 1-2 minutes,
you will feel hot and start to perspire. It is because the glands in your body are being
stimulated which results in perspiration. This Wu-Ji stance, though looks still and quiet
outside with upper body relaxed and feet firm, the inside of the whole body is exercising
under a force and has a tendency to expel, causing a positive interaction within different
parts of the body inside.
Won-Yuen (roundness) Form Practice: This is an up-down, open-close exercise. To
inhale slowly will lead the energy up and inflate the force to different joints. To exhale and
squat down slowly will take the energy force down to deflate. The inhalation and
exhalation cause the opening and closing of the major functional parts of your body with
better circulation. The up-down movements expand your chest and make your breath
longer and deeper. In doing so, you will breathe in more oxygen, change it into vital
energy and pass through your body to repair, renew and restore all the body organs for
better functioning. Through patient and continuous practices, you will feel your whole
body change and improve positively so that it will be in good balance
Tristar Taiji Quan (Elementary): This is a healthy exercise. All the movements are
smooth and elegant with rhythm and make you feel calm and peaceful. The Tristar Taiji
hand signal is special – hold the thumb and the index finger in a circle and press the
thumb firmly against the index finger. There is an important meridian in the thumb and
in the index finger. The movements are like drawing circles, keeping the roundness and
balance. They are good for your lungs and digestive system. They keep your muscles
strong and firm and also improve your immune system. The meridians will let the blood
and energy flow well in your body and you will enjoy good health and longevity
Exercise and Health
Exercise and health often goes hand in hand but there are certain
differences that should be noted.
(i) Exercise is a series of physical movements of certain intensity designed to make the
body fit and strong. Health, on the other hand, is the general condition of your body in
terms of soundness, vitality and proper functioning. The right amount of exercise can
always bring health benefits. Nearly everyone can benefit from some level of exercise –
young and old alike. But exercise should be age appropriate. Low-impact workouts are
generally recommended for those who have reached a certain age.
(ii) Strike a balance between health and exercise. Different age groups have different
needs. Young people with their high energy level and physical fitness can often do more
vigorous exercise. But if you are in the middle or senior age group, you may have to
reconsider all the different factors and choose some other forms of exercise. Taiji and Qi
Gong are both excellent and you can adjust the intensity to suit yourself. Even if you are
young and you want to do Taiji or Qi Gong, you can definitely benefit from it too. It will
prevent you from premature aging and keep your body strong and fit.
“精,氣,神” 三為一體