Canadian Fee Schedule
Fee Type
Annual Account
Management Fee
Variable Monthly
Maintenance Fee
200 or fewer open positions each month
Over 200 open positions in any month
Over 200 posted positions each month
Variable Monthly Maintenance Fee is charged per open position (unique trade ID) reported to a Canadian jurisdiction during each
month. All lifecycle events and modifications are free.
Variable Monthly Maintenance Fee is only charged once per position whether the position is reported to multiple Canadian
Jurisdictions or only one Canadian Jurisdiction.*
Variable Monthly Maintenance Fee is charged to the Reporting Party.
All fees are payable in USD $.
If a participant crosses the 200 open position volume in any month during its annual contract period, they will automatically be
billed at the higher tier for the Annual Fee.
No maintenance fee from 1-200 positions. Over 200 positions and all positions are charged the variable monthly maintenance
fee including the first 200 positions.
For cleared positions only, if the counterparty to the CCP is not on-boarded with DDR the CCP shall be billed for each open
position .
The Annual Fee runs from January 1 through December 31 each calendar year. Only the first year runs from October 31, 2014 to
December 31, 2014 and is prorated for those two months.
The Fee Schedule is based on the current live jurisdictions, Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec. Going live in additional jurisdictions may
require a Fee Schedule review and/or change.